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Buy Computer Cables Online at Best Prices in Pakistan

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Cables of a desktop or any sort of computer are more crucial to the entire system than even the processor. They connect each component of the computer to one another and finally to the electric socket. Computer cables come in a various shapes and lengths.Buying a good quality cable is crucial for a hassle free user experience and it also provides equilibrium against unstable electric supply (multi conductor cables against single conductor cables). Cables are made from many different materials such as copper cables, industrial cables etc. But most common type of cables is aluminum cables they are built for heavy duty application. These cables are extremely light weight and ductile.As far as computer electronics is concerned the Fiber optical cable is crucial to the cyber world. These cables are made from clear fibers protected is a rubber coating. These are the cables through which we are able to get wifi, 3g and 4 g internet. The multi-fiber cable allows several optical fibers for faster better internet.

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Each cable performs a different set of functions. The cable that connects the mouse and keyboard to the computer tower is known as the PS/2 cable. Such a cable is permanently attached to the mouse of keyboard from one end and the other end (that goes into the tower) has a round shaped plug.Another very important cable in the computer system is one which connects it to the dsl/cable modem, called the Ethernet. If you use a wifi then this cable is connected to a router.The old printers used traditional serial cable while the new versions of printers use relatively new usb cable. The LCD monitor uses the Digital Video Interface Cable (DVI) whereas VGA/SVGA Video Cable transfers the video signal from your computer to your VGA/SVGA CRT or LCD. Most of the cables we see today have ausb plug front on one end. This simplifies your charging problems as these cables can easily connect to desktops, laptops, and charging units. Such cables come with most consumer electronics like cell phones, tablets, dslr cameras and external hard drives. If you want smooth internet speed then 10/100/1000 Ethernet Networks are workable.

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There is a separate set for Audio and Video Cables. One of the most common cables is the Y audio wire. It is a single cable which divides into two separate faces from one end. We use such cable to connect speakers with stereo systems, dvd players and computers. One end of the Y cable has the auxiliary plug that may be connected to the laptop, docks or any other audio device. In order to connect your laptop computers to a television set you will need a special cable called the HDMI cable. You can also use an S video Cable for the television. The HDMI cable now however can be replaced with a Google chrome cast as well.