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How to Buy Computer LCD & Monitors Online at Best Prices in Pakistan


Buy Monitors for your computers at Howprices:

Buying monitors from an online computer store is convenient yet it is a risky business if you are not completely sure about the authenticity of the website. If you have been searching for an authentic online marketplace in Pakistan to buy monitors and gadgets for your computer and have landed on Howprices, Daraz, Kaymu and Yayvo– you have come to the right place.

Before we guide you about the monitors and electronic gadgets we offer, let’s discuss the types of monitors that you might be looking for.

Types of monitors

Before you go on buying a monitor for your computer, it is important to be able to distinguish between the three main types of monitors, namely: CRT, LCD and LED monitors. Let’s see how these three types of monitors differ from each other.

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CRT monitors: CRT- Cathode ray monitors are the most basic type of monitors. These monitors function through high energy electrons which are released by an electron gun placed in a vacuum tube behind the fluorescent screen. The quality of the image depends on the resolution; the higher the resolution the clearer will be the picture. CRT monitors are recognized by their large bulky appearance and many of us associate these monitors with the 90s. CRT monitors are cheap and are ideal if you only use your computer for surfing and checking emails. However, because they are outdated and not very reliable their usage has significantly declined.

LCD monitors:

LCD– liquid crystal display monitors are currently the most popular computer monitors. They are very reliable as compared to CRT monitors and the image they produce is of a much better quality. These monitors have monochrome pixels arranged between two transparent electrodes and polarizing filters. There are two types of LCD monitors: passive matrix technology and TFT active matrix technology. The latter produces a much better display while the former is becoming obsolete due to its slow response time. LCD monitors are thinner and lighter than the CRT monitors and are also more expensive. The only disadvantage is that when viewed from different angles the image quality is not consistent.

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LED monitors:

Light emitting diode monitors are the latest monitors in market. Their image quality is much advanced as they produce images with a high contrast. These monitors are deemed as environment friendly as they use lesser energy than CRT and LCD monitors. LED monitors are thin, light and slightly curved. The do not produce a lot heat while running as compared to other types of monitors. However, being highly advanced LED monitors are very expensive.

What does Howprices has to offer?

Howprices has revolutionized online shopping in Pakistan. Here you can find any kind of monitor or electronic gadget for your computer. We have LCD monitors of renowned brands like LG, Orient, Sony and Samsung and there is no doubt about the authenticity of these monitors. We offer the best prices available on the market, the product is delivered via free shipping and the cash can be paid on delivery.

Apart from monitors and computer devices, you can also a find a large collection of laptops by renowned brands at Howprices.