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Buy Computer processors Online at Best Prices in Pakistan

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Many people want the popular brand in computer technology simply because everyone has it. Following the herd, especially in technology is not a good idea when you can get better things at a cheaper price. You just have to know what specs will you require and begine your search from there. A Processor plays a huge part in the speed and functioning of your computer. It is also one of the most expensive hardware inside of any computer. The basic function of a processor is to execute whatever command it gets from the operator. As we know computers are doing more than one task at single point in time. This requires multi core or dual core processors. These are multiple processors put together on a single chip each taking on different tasks.

Buy computer processors online in Pakistan

While it is true that increasing cores will get you a faster processor, it will also increase the overall price of the processor. Maybe you don’t even require that elaborate of machine. It is best to first know where and how the computer will be used. If you are buying a first computer for your child, chances are she will just be playing simple games and coloring on paint. For such basic tasks you can even go for the core i3 processor. This processor can run simple programs like running low resolution video clips, surfing tYohe web (social websites and news) and email correspondence.  The core i5 is a notch above the i3. This is a standard processor that strikes a balance between high end and low end processors. The i5 processor is for someone who wants a bit of work and a bit of play from the laptop. You can easily watch movies on it, play games and even work on it. Core i5 handles coding, programming and other types of work related soft wares pretty well. The core i7 is for strictly professional use, be it immersive graphic intense 3D video games or programs like photoshop and autocad. The core i7 can handle heavy files and and process them efficiently. Demanding applications like high definition video editing can be done without any glitches on such a heavy duty machine.

computer processors Online shopping in Pakistan

There are a number of things you should look at before buying a processor for desktop computers such as its architecture, frequency, cores, cache, gpu and how much memory it supports. If you are a professional gamer, don’t spend exuberant amounts of money of gaming processors that go above the USD 300 mark. Rather one should skin that money on better graphics cards and motherboard. From a value point of view the difference diminishes after a certain core and cache level is achieved. You can now do online shopping for the best processors for laptops and tablet pc in budget. Howprices, yayvo, daraz and kaymu offers a wide variety of efficient processors for gamers and non-gamers that are just with in your range.