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Buy Juicers & Blenders at Best Prices via Online Shopping in Pakistan

Juicers & Blenders

Juicers & Blenders Online Shopping at Best Prices in Pakistan

When homeowners think about home decoration they think about furniture, vintage paintings, beautiful vases, etc., but often overlook kitchenware which is essential for every home. This guide will help you in finding the perfect blender and juicer for your kitchen.

At Howprices we strive to bring to you the best products in home living, including kitchenware that not only functions seamlessly but is also very affordable.

If you are confused whether to purchase a blender or a juicer, first you need to understand the primary difference between the two types of kitchen equipment:

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  • When you use a juicer to juice any fruit or vegetable, it separates the juice and the pulp. On the other hand, when you use a blender everything that you put in the blender gets pureed.
  • Blenders are ideal to make delicious smoothies as they retain the insoluble fiber as well. On the other hand juicer is perfect to make juice.

Important things to keep in mind when online shopping for a Juicer:

Always purchase a juicer that is not only easy to use, but also very easy to clean. If the juicer is dishwasher friendly then that is an added benefit, all you have to do is put the dirty juicer in the dishwasher and your work is done.

Not all juicers are created equal, if you wish to get a high quality juicer then you will have to pay a slightly higher price. However, at Howprices, Daraz, Kaymu, and Yayvo you can easily find a juicer that not only meets your budget requirements but also offers superior functionality.

Another important to look for while purchasing a juicer is to see if it comes with multiple speed options. A juicer with multiple speed options enables you to extract the maximum amount of juice out of the fruits and vegetables.

It is also advised that you buy a juicer with a longer chord, so you can use it anywhere on the kitchen counter with great ease. If you have limited cabinet space for storage then buy a model that is compact.

Important aspects to keep in mind when buying a blender online:

If you have set your heart on buying a new blender for your kitchen, then keeping in mind these important features will help you in making a well-informed purchase. Not everyone needs a powerful blender, however, if you will primarily use it to blend leafy vegetables like spinach then a 1500 watt blender will work better.

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The pitcher that comes with the blender are often manufactured using glass, plastic or steel. You should compare different materials and then make a decision. For instance, in long run plastic is more durable as compared to glass, however, plastic loses its luster much quicker. On the other hand, a steel pitcher looks classic, however, you cannot see what is happening inside the blender.

Buy the best quality kitchenware at Howprices:

At Howprices you can browse through some of the most exquisite kitchen equipment from leading brands including Panasonic, Lg, Samsung, Dawalance and Haire. Our range includes juicers and blenders at the most affordable prices.