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Buy Men’s Casual Shoes Online at Best Prices in Pakistan


Casual Shoes for Men In Pakistan:


Now that the spring is in the air, so are sandals and flip-flops. In Pakistan, summer tends to get a little harsh – and in weather like this, one tends to wear the lightest clothes and shoes possible. Casual shoes serve the purpose of comfort and style. Some of the casual shoes include sandals, flip-flops, house sandals, slippers and sneakers. Summer shoes for women and those for men differ in style and colors, however when it comes to sandals, both men and women can find a great variety in stores. Here at Howprices, Kaymu, Daraz and Yayvo not only will you find a number of different brands, you will also get to order them online, with the facility of cash on delivery. In your hunt for the best casual shoes, the following guide will prove useful:


Canvas Sneakers:


Sneakers are athlete’s famous choice. However, sneakers are not just for sports. Many people wear sneakers as a form of casual shoes. In fact, canvas sneakers look the best with casual jeans and t-shirt on a hot summer day. Sneakers are also manufactured in many different materials, and one of them is canvas. Canvas shoes are relatively lighter, hence more comfortable as well. There are also European-styled sneakers, which are famous as casual summer shoes as well.


Nike Shoes:


Nike is one of the most famous manufacturers of shoes, and are specifically famous for their sports shoes, such as sneakers, boots and hiking shoes. Nike’s tennis shoes are very famous. Other fairly popular types include basketball shoes, football shoes and trainer’s shoes. Their recently introduced “Nike Air Force” shows have become fairly popular as well. If you like your shoes to be colorful, then Nike Zoom Kobe offers rich bright colors such as gold and purple. Nike shoes have low top silhouettes and has an arch plate nicely made up of carbon fiber. Apart from that, Nike’s shoes also come with light cushioning and give and excellent grip, hence they are the best sports shoes.




Sandals are one of the most comfortable forms of shoes. They are also the oldest pair to have graced the feet of men. Sandals come in various sizes and designs and are made up of several different materials. It is hard to pick shoes for your every day life that are stylish and long lasting and at the same are comfortable. Sandals have all three of these pros, the reason why they are still the most famous form of shoes in the market. If you are looking for sandals, make sure you know which material suits your shoes the best, because they come in a many different ones.


Once you have decided the type of shoes you want and the material that will suit you the best, make sure you measure your feet for your exact shoe number – Once you have done that, place your order online and your favorite pair of shoes will be delivered at your doorsteps within a few days.