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How to Buy Men’s Undergarments Online at Best Prices in Pakistan


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The evolution of men’s underwear began from loose fitting trousers called the codpieces to tights-like material called drawers and gradually the hemline shortened inch by inch. It was not until after the Second World War that people started accepting the light weight shorter undergarments. As people shift from one style of undergarment to another there are some styles that have made their exit from the market. Thongs and jock straps and bikinibriefs were famous for body builders back in the 80s but no one really wears this type of underwear anymore. This is more of an underwear for women style. There are also a few things one should keep in mind when buying undergarments. Firstly you will need more than one pair of underwear so when you go to the market, buy a couple and save yourself the hassle. Also, usually the material of undergarments for men is cotton or nylon they can easily be washed in a machine and then you can tumble dry them. If not buy something that is easy to wash and dry.

Online shopping in Pakistan for different kinds of underwear

The briefs are a very commonly used undergarment for younger boys. They are usually white colored and super tight. You can easily buy Multi packs of these undies from stores. They come in packs of 10 to 20 and that too at affordable prices. Briefs however are more popular amongst younger boys than adults. When it comes to summer choice in men’s undergarments we prefer the boxers. A boxer is a light weight undergarment for men. It has a short like construction with three panels at the back and two in the front. It is usually made from pure cotton and elastic waist band. The length of the boxer is approximately around ten inches with half an inch side vents on outer side of the each leg. Boxers usually have a fly and are extremely comfortable to wear. Howprices has boxer shorts that are made from high quality cotton. A boxer may or may not have a two button fly. The buttons on the fly are most of a design element than practicality as boxers are already pretty loose.

Buy boxer briefs online in Pakistan

Boxer Briefs are a mix of both the boxer and the brief. The have the boxer construction with a longer length of 10 – 11 inches. The material and fit of the boxer brief is more like a brief. They are made from a stretchy elastic material with a mix of spandex and are tight like briefs, almost something like bicycle shorts but not as tight. The nylon fabric is much more luxe than cotton and hence this type of undergarment has made way into every man’s closet nowadays.  They contour your body just the right way. They are not coming out from the jeans like boxers and neither do they curl up like briefs. Calvin Klein underwear has mastered the boxer brief. They make high quality boxer briefs for all men with seem less finish.