Catalogue of the Library of the Entomological Society of London
At the War
A Voyage in the Indian Ocean and to Bengal Undertaken in the Year 1790 Containing an Account of the Sechelles Islands and Trincomale to Which Is Added a Voyage in the Red Sea Including a Description of Mocha
The Christians Wedding Ring Containing Five Letters and a Series of Poems
Bomb Volume 1905
When the Shadows Flee Away A Story of Canadian Society
Democracy in the Church
The Real Roosevelt
The Poor Law Report of 1909 A Summary Explaining the Defects of the Present System and the Principal Recommendations of the Commission So Far as Relates to England and Wales
The Truth of Life as Disclosed in Half a Century of the National Life of New Zealand
Inflammation An Introduction to the Study of Pathology
A History of the Custom-Revenue in England from the Earliest Times to the Year 1827 Compiled Exclusively from Original Authorities
The Fall of Santiago
A Carnegie Anthology
The Marquess of Dalhousie and the Final Development of the Companys Rule
A Daughter of Two Nations
A Practical Grammar of the English Language
The Sign Manuals and the Letters Patent of Southampton to 1422
Memoir of Alfred Bennett First Pastor of the Baptist Church Homer N Y and Senior Agent of the American Baptist Missionary Union
The Divine Man A New Epic
The Princess Tarakanova A Dark Chapter of Russian History Translated from the Russian of GP Danilevski by Ida de Mouchanoff
Dave Porter on Cave Island Or a Schoolboys Mysterious Mission
Elementary Psychology and Education A Text-Book for High Schools Normal Schools Normal Institutes and Reading Circles and a Manual for Teachers
The Ever Green A Collection of Scots Poems Wrote by the Ingenious Before 1600
The Shakespearian Referee a Cyclopaedia of Four Hundred Words Obsolete and Modern Occurring in the Plays of Shakespeare to Which Are Added Translations of All the Latin French Italian and Spanish Words Occuring in the Plays
Lessons in Cookery Volume Bk 3
Protestant Fiction
A Practical Treatise on the Settling of Evidence for Trials at Nisi Prius And on the Preparing and Arranging the Necessary Proofs
Life in Spain Past and Present
A Winter in Dublin A Descriptive Tale Volume 2
Principles of Immunology
Proceedings at Hearing Before Board of Arbitration on Question of Canadian Pacific Differentials at Auditorium Hotel Chicago October 12 1898 Decision of Board of Arbitration
Principles and Practice of Morality Or Ethical Principles Discussed and Applied
Practical Visions A Book of Inspiration
Primary Charge and Sermons
Prue I Lotus Eating
Principles of Social Economy
Foul Play by C Reade and D Boucicault
The Prophet of Reconstruction Ezekiel A Patriots Ideal for a New Age
Evolution by Atrophy in Biology and Sociology
Portraits Illustrative of the Novels Tales Romances of the Author of Waverly
Proceedings Upon the Unveiling of the Statue of Baron Von Steuben Major General and Inspector General in the Continental Army During the Revolutionary War in Washington D C December 7 1910 and Upon the Presentation of the Replica to His Majesty the
Experimental Psychology A Manual of Laboratory Practice
Murmurmontis [Yearbook] 1911 Volume 7
Psyche of To-Day
Ten Girls from Dickens
Power Alcohol Its Production and Utilisation
Jottings on Australia With Remarks on the California Route to New York and Liverpool
Sermons in Sonnets With a Text on the New Year and Other Poems
Abraham Lincoln and the Union A Chronicle of the Embattled North
The History of the Boston Medical Library
The Will Divine and Human
Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 1
Poetical Works To Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author Volume 1
Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America from AD 1789 to AD 1802 Inclusive with a Copious Index
The Indiana Quarterly Magazine of History
The Practical Testing of Dynamos and Motors
Catalogue of Books in the Childrens Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
A Strange Temptation Volume 1
The Common-School Arithmetic Designed for Learners of Every Class
General Brock
Russian and Nomad
The Great Crusade
The Principles of Criticism An Introduction to the Study of Literature
English and Scottish Ballads
Chalcographimania Or the Portrait-Collector and Printsellers Chronicle with Infatuations of Every Description a Humorous Poem in Four Books with Copious Notes Explanatory
Prisons and Prisoners
Doris Barugh A Yorkshire Story
Bacteria in Daily Life
Principia Therapeutica
Water Laws of the State of Oregon Compiled from Lords Oregon Laws and Session Laws of 1911 and 1913 1913
Selections Translated by H St J Thackeray
Bird Life Throughout the Year
Thomas Starr King Patriot and Preacher
Pugs and Peacocks
A Compendium of General Botany
Bagh O Bahar Or Tales of the Four Darweshes
Thoughts of a Fool
Tour in England Ireland and France in the Years 1828 1829 in a Series of Letters
Political Orations from Wentworth to Macaulay
False Witness The Authorized Translation of Klokke Roland
The Contemporary Short Story a Practical Manual
The Champion
Scottish Song a Selection of the Choicest Lyrics of Scotland
Report of Proceedings of the American Mining Congress Tenth Annual Session Joplin Mo November 11-16 1907
Joanna Traill Spinster
Guide to the Materials for American History in Swiss and Austrian Archives
Pan and the Twins
High School Manual Training Course in Woodwork Including Cost of Equipment and Supplies and Studies on Trees and Wood
Types of Jewish-Palestinian Piety from 70 B C E to 70 C E the Ancient Pious Men
Naturalism in English Poetry
Food and Its Functions A Text-Book for Students of Cookery
In Guiana Wilds A Study of Two Women
From the South of France The Roses of Monsieur Alphonse the Poodle of Monsieur Gaillard the Recrudescence of Madame Vic Madame Jolicoeurs Cat a Consolate Giantess by Thomas A Janvier
Eugene Aram A Tale Volume 2
The Poems of Ossian Volume 1
Spiritual Struggles of a Roman Catholic An Autobiographical Sketch
A Short Account of Fumigating Hot Air and Vapour Baths
China and the Present Crisis with Notes on a Visit to Japan and Korea
Wanderings in South America the North-West of the United States and the Antilles In the Years 1812 1816 1820 1824 with Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds C for Cabinets of Natural History
English and Scottish Popular Ballads
The Bible Against Protestantism and for Catholicity Evinced in a Conference Between a Catholic a Protestatnt (Episcopalian) and a Presbyteraian
The Creoles of Louisiana
Shropshire County Records A Full List and Partial Abstract of the Contents of the Quarter Session Rolls Volume 1
Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War 1861-1865 Volume 17
Poems of Home and Travel
Professor Huskins
Artemus Ward His Book
Evolution and the Doctrine of the Trinity
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Mount Sinai Volume 1
English Into French a Book of Practice in French Conversation Designed to Accompany Any Speaking French Grammar
The Servant of Jehovah Or the Passion-Prophecy of Scripture Analysed and Elucidated
Twelve Lectures on the Structure of the Central Nervous System for Physicians and Students
The Second Epistle of Peter the Epistles of John and Judas and the Revelation Tr from the Greek on the Basis of the Common English Version with Notes
The Collected Writings of Samuel Lover Dramatic Works
Trusts Pools and Corners as Affecting Commerce and Industry An Inquiry Into the Principles and Recent Operation of Combinations and Syndicates to Limit Production and Increase Prices
Trade and Tariffs
Waterloo Lectures A Study of the Campaign of 1815
[Torontonians as We See Em]
Traffic Glossary
Annual Report of the State Commission in Lunacy for the Year Volume 22
Poems Annotated and Correctly Printed for the First Time with Biographical and Historical Introductions by John M Berdan
Belgium Italy and Switzerland
Practical Ethics A Collection of Addresses and Essays
Detroit in Its World Setting A 250-Year Chronology 1701-1951
School Funds and Their Apportionment A Consideration of the Subject with Reference to a More General Equalization of Both the Burdens and the Advantages of Education
Catalogue of the Ungulate Mammals in the British Museum (Natural History)
Documentary History of Hamilton College
Imperial Department of Agriculture for the West Indies
Helen Potters Impersonations
Entomologica Americana A Journal of Entomology Published by the Brooklyn Entomological Society Volume 5
Amerigo Vespucci
The Boise Survey a Concrete Study of the Administration of a City School System
The College Courant A Weekly Journal Devoted to College Interests Science and Literature Volume 12
Silhouette (1915) Volume 13
Walks of Usefulness or Reminiscences of Mrs Margaret Prior
Dust and Light
White and Black A Story of the Southern States
Bowdoin Orient Volume V23 No1-17 (1893-1894)
Index Volume 1987
King Horn Floriz and Blaunchefleur
The Defence of Great and Greater Britain Sketches of Its Naval Military and Political Aspects Annotated with Extracts from the Discussions They Have Called Forth in the Press of Greater Britain
Our Common Cuckoo and Other Cuckoos and Parasitical Birds An Attempt to Reach a True Theory of Them by Comparative Study of Habit and Function With a Thorough Criticism and Exposure of Darwins Views and Romaness Views and Those of Their Followers
Voyages and Travels of a Sea Officer
Lectures and Sermons
Piano Organ Musical Instrument Workers Official Journal Volumes 7-8
Yr Hynafion Cymreig Neu Hanes Am Draddodiadau Defodau AC Ofergoelion Yr Hen Gymry Yn Nghyd a Sylwadau AR Eu Dechreuad C C Wedi Eu Hegluro a Darluniau Heirdd
A Simple Story
Among the Brigands
A Hundred Anecdotes of Animals
The Land Question Property in Land the Condition of Labor
The South Devon Coast
The New Chemistry [Electronic Resource]
The Book Its History and Development
An Apology for Apostolic Order and Its Advocates In a Series of Letters Addressed to the REV John M Mason DD
The History of Italy from the Fall of the Western Empire OT the Commencement of the Wars of the French Revolution
The Castle Comedy
A Handbook to Dante
The Characters of Crystals an Introduction to Physical Crystallography
The Extant Odes of Pindar
The Isle of Wight
Verse Satire in England Before the Renaissance
A Cosmic View of Religion
The Shipwreck a Poem with a Life of the Author
The Mechanics of the Digestive Tract
The Genius of the Thames Palmyra and Other Poems
The Contingency of the Laws of Nature
The Home and the Family An Elementary Textbook of Home Making
A Manual of Zoology for the Use of Students
The Surgeons Log Impressions of the Far East
The Emperor Julian and His Generation an Historical Picture
The Hymnal for Schools
Memoir of the Late Thomas Scatcherd Barrister-At-Law Queens Counsel and Member of Parliament for the North Riding of Middlesex Canada A Family Record
Fabian Essays in Socialism
Realistic Philosophy Defended in a Philosophic Series
The Organization and Management of a Business Corporation With Special Reference to the Laws of New York New Jersey Delaware West Virginia
Serbian Folk-Lore
Solomons Song Translated and Explained in Three Parts I the Manuduction II the Version III the Supplement
Reliquiae Hearnianae
Ship Ahoy!
Geometrical Conics Including Anharmonic Ratio and Projection with Numerous Examples
How to Teach the Primary Grades
The Empire State Its Industries and Wealth Also an Historical and Descriptive Review of the Industries and Wealth of the Principal Cities and Towns in Oneida Herkimer Fulton Montgomery Otsego Madison Schoharie Chenango Oswego Schenectady Jeff
Alabama Sketches
The Quest of the Ballad [A Romance of Ballad Hunting in Nova Scotia]
Principles of Zoology Touching the Structure Development Distribution and Natural Arrangement of the Races of Animals Living and Extinct Part I Comparative Physiology for the Use of Schools and Colleges
Wild Natures Ways
Seekers in Sicily Being a Quest for Persephone by Jane and Peripatetica Done Into the Vernacular
Some Apostles of Physiology Being an Account of Their Lives and Labours Labours That Have Contributed to the Advancement of the Healing Art as Well as to the Prevention of Disease
Some Impressions of My Elders
A Dissertation on the Validity of the Ordinations of the English and of the Succession of the Bishops of the Anglican Church With the Proofs Establishing the Facts Advanced in This Work
Pros and Cons a Newspaper Readers and Debaters Guide to the Leading Controversies of the Day (Political Social Religious Etc) by John Bertram Askew
The Bible Against Protestantism and for Catholicity Evinced in a Conference Between a Catholic a Protestant (Episcopalian) and a Presbyteraian
Christian Fellowship Or the Church Members Guide
Proceedings of the National Commercial Convention Held in Boston February 1868
The Church of Scotland Past and Present Its History Its Relation to the Law and the State Its Doctrine Ritual Discipline and Patrimony
The Life of Gen Thos
Ella Flagg Young and a Half-Century of the Chicago Public Schools
Bird-Life in a Southern County Being Eight Yearss Gleanings Among the Birds of Devonshire
The Vale of Apperley and Other Poems
The Recovery and Restatement of the Gospel
Individuality and the Moral Aim in American Education The Gilchrist Report Presented to the Victoria University March 1901
Oriel College
The Ohio Country Between the Years 1783 and 1815 Including Military Operations That Twice Saved to the United States the Country West of the Alleghany Mountains After the Revolutionary War
Successful Teaching Fifteen Studies by Practical Teachers Prize-Winners in the National Educational Contest of 1905
Analytical Advertising
Catalogue of Members in the Communion of the (Collegiate) Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the City of New York January 6 1898
Rural School Agriculture Exercises for Use with Any Text-Book of Agriculture or Without a Text-Book
Rambles in the Rocky Mountains With a Visit to the Gold Fields of Colorado
A Hundred Years Hence The Expectations of an Optimist
The Captain of the Dolphin and Other Poems of the Sea
The Study of the Child a Brief Treatise on the Psychology of the Child with Suggestions for Students and Parents
The Gift Book of Gems
The Philosophy of Price and Its Relation to Domestic Currency
Sea Power
The Oecumenical Documents of the Faith The Creed of Nicaea Three Epistles of Cyril the Tome of Leo the Chalcedonian Definition
Practical Recipes
David and Jonathan
Six Months in California
Summer-Savory Gleaned from Rural Nooks in Pleasant Weather
American Architect and Architecture Volume 19
Dux Christus an Outline Study of Japan
An Apology for Old Maids And Other Essays
Farmers Foes and Their Remedies
Problems of Faith A Contribution to Present Controversies
Madagascar Mauritius and Other East-African Islands
By the Way of the Gate Poems and Dramas
Home Furnishing Facts and Figures about Furniture Carpets and Rugs Lamps and Lighting Fixtures Wall Papers Window Shades and Draperies Tapestries Etc
Damaged Goods The Great Play Les Avar
Days of Glory The Sketch Book of a Veteran Correspondent at the Front
Epidemic Ophthalmia Its Symptoms Diagnosis and Management with Papers Upon Allied Subjects
Bird Guide Land Birds East of the Rockies from Parrots to Bluebirds
Corpus Christi Pageants in England
Desserts and Salads European and American Economical and Dainty
Dante An Elementary Book for Those Who Seek in the Great Poet the Teacher of Spiritual Life
Report of the Committee on Corporation Laws Created by Acts of 1902 Chapter 335 January 1903
Dynamic Psychology by Robert Sessions Woodworth
The Book of Daniel Introduction Volume V27
A Short History of Political Economy in England From Adam Smith to Arnold Toynbee
The Voices
A Treatise on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children
Pioneer Days in Kansas
The Ancient Stone Crosses of Dartmoor and Its Borderland
Papers in Relation to the Case of Silas Deane
The Players Blue Book
Treaties for the Advancement of Peace Between the United States and Other Powers Negotiated by the Honorable William J Bryan Secretary of State of the United States with an Introduction
Selected Writings Uniform Ed Arr by Mrs William Sharp
Iowa as It Is in 1855 A Gazetteer for Citizens and a Hand-Book for Immigrants Embracing a Full Description of the State of Iowa Information for the Immigrant Respecting the Selection Entry and Cultivation of Prairie Soil A List of Unentered LAN
Tales of the Revolution
In Russet Mantle Clad Scenes of Rural Life
Hand Book of the New York State Reformatory at Elmira Comp
Ramazan the Rajah
The Elements of Gaelic Grammar Based on the Work of the REV Alexander Stewart DD
President McGlusky
The Evangelical Succession A Course of Lectures
Purchasing and Employment Organizing a Purchasing Department Training Your Working Force Hiring and Paying Help
The Beautiful Wretch
Prejudices First Series
Putnams Handbook of Buying and Selling Telling in a Simple and Practical Way How to Succeed in Business
Boston Town
The Railway Anecdote Book A Collection of the Best and Newest Anecdotes and Tales to the Present Day
Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1918 And Year Book of American Poetry
Principles Rules and Definitions for Bookkeeping
Practicing Law with the McCutchen Law Firm Since 1930
Screws and Screw-Making with a Chapter on the Milling Machine
Annual Report on the Registration of Births and Deaths Marriages and Divorces in Michigan Volume 31
Observations of an Illinois Boy in Battle Camp and Prisons-1861 to 1865
Random Recollections
Broadchalke Sermon-Essays on Nature Mediation Atonement Absolution Etc
The New World-Life
Questions of Modern Inquiry A Series of Discussions
Exercises to the Rules and Construction of French Speech Consisting of Passages Extracted Out of the Best French Authors
British Country Life in Spring and Summer The Book of the Open Air
The Church Universal A Restatement of Christianity in Terms of Modern Thought
The Religion of Numa And Other Essays on the Religion of Ancient Rome
Col Roses Story of the Famous Tunnel Escape from Libby Prison A Thrilling Account of the Daring Esacape of 109 Union Officers from Libby Prison Through the Famous Yankee Tunnel
Description and Philosophy of Kings Patent Washing Apparatus and Washing Liquid With a List of Agents and Dealers in the Same
John Quincy Adams Ward Memorial Addresses Delivered Before the Century Association November 5 1910 Resolutions Adopted June 4 1910
The Bohemians (Czechs) in the Present Crisis An Address Delivered by Charles Pergler on the 28th Day of May 1916 in Chicago at a Meeting Held to Commemorate the Deeds of Bohemian Volunteers in the Great War
Siege of the Fort of St Johns In 1775
Address and Poem Delivered at the Unveiling of the Monument Erected to the Memory of the Confederate Dead of Warren County N C August 27 1903
Oration of Hon Charles H Bartlett of Manchester N H at the Dedication of the Soldiers Monument at Amherst N H June 19 1890
Two Discourses on the Subject of the War Between the U States and Mexico Preached in the Second Presbyterian Church in Springfield on Sabbath 11th July 1847
The Arctic Regions Atmospheric Theory of the Open Polar Sea and an Ameliorated Climate Third Paper
Choosing Books A Lecture
A Four Years Course in German for Secondary Schools
A Comparative Statement of the Effects of Messrs Boulton and Watts Steam Engines With Newcommens and Mr Hornblowers
A Letter Introductory From Messrs Olmsted Harris Trowbridge and Richardson
Louisiana Conservationist Vol 21 July-August 1969
The Virginians on the Ohio and the Mississippi in 1742
The Return of Halleys Comet and Popular Apprehensions
Steps of Belief
Memorial Poem Delivered at Music Hall on Friday Evening July 3 1868 at the Memorial Services
Some Serious Considerations on the Present State of Parties With Regard to the Presidential
Hans Breitmann Und His Philosopede
Recollections of My Own Times
Jonathan (a Song of David) The Sacred Prize Poem 1902
Historical Literary Memoirs and Anecdotes 1
Israel in Europe
A Complete History of Connecticut Civil and Ecclesiastical from the Emigration of Its First Planters from England in the Year 1630 to the Year 1764 And to the Close of the Indian Wars
The Women of Israel Or Characters and Sketches from the Holy Scriptures and Jewish History
Historical Celebration of the Town of Brimfield Hampden County Mass
An Historical Letter to the Rev Charles 0conor DD Heretofore Styling Himself Columbanus Upon His Five Addresses or Letters to His Countrymen
Ontario High School History of England By George M Wrong
The History of Dulwich College Down to the Passing of the Act of Parliament Dissolving the Original Corporation 28th August 1857
Outlines of General Zoology
Ordinances of the City of Philadelphia 1864
The Economic History of England
Helps to the Study of the Bible With a General Index a Dictionary of Proper Names a Concordance and a Series of Maps
The Life and Times of C G Memminger
Observations of the Spots on the Sun from November 9 1853 to March 24 1861 Made at Redhill
Official Proceedings Vol 27 No 1 Nov 1927-No 9 Oct 1928
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois 1
The Yellow Peril Or the Orient vs the Occident as Viewed by Modern Statesmen and Ancient Prophets
A Dictionary of the Persian and Arabic Languages 1
Illustrations of the New Zealand Flora V2
Travels in Peru and India While Superintending the Collection of Chinchona Plants and Seeds in South America and Their Introduction Into India
The Works of Alexandre Dumas the Vicomte de Bragelonne Part One Volume 3
The Life of the Right Honourable William Ewart Gladstone
Japan An Attempt at Interpretation
The British and Foreign Review Or European Quarterly Journal Volume 12 Issue 23
John and Sarah Duke and Duchess of Marlborough 1660-1744 Based on Unpublished Letters and Documents at Blenheim Palace
Whos Who Among the Women of California An Annual Devoted to the Representative Women of California with an Authoritative Review of Their Activities in Civic Social Athletic Philanthropic Art and Music Literary and Dramatic Circles Volume 1
Behind the Scenes in Washington Being a Complete and Graphic Account of the Credit Mobilier Investigation the Congressional Rings Political Intrigues Workings of the Lobbies Etc with Sketches of the Leading Senators Congressmen Government Offi
The American Journal of Psychology Volume 10
Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum Acanthopterygii Pharyngognathi and Anacanthini 1862
History of China Volume 2
American Journal of Education (1855-1882) Volume 9
Hermes Zeitschrift Fir Klassische Philologie Volume 43
The Washington Historical Quarterly Volumes 5-6
American Political History 1763-1876 Volume 2
The Poetry of Germany Consisting of Selections from Upwards of Seventy of the Most Celebrated Poets
A History of Modern Europe 1453-1525
A Collection of Family Records
The Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews and Neighbouring Nations from the Declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the Time of Christ with an Account of the Rabbinic Authorities by A MCaul The Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews and Neighb
Life of James Hamilton DD FLS
An Egyptian Reading Book for Beginners Being a Series of Historical Funereal Moral Religious and Mythological Texts Printed in Hieroglyphic Characters Together with a Transliteration and a Complete Vocabulary
The Sailors Pocket Book
A Compendium of the Course of Chemical Instruction in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania
Debate on the Evidences of Christianity Containing an Examination of the Social System and of All the Systems of Scepticism of Ancient and Modern Times Held in the City of Cincinnati for Eight Days Successively
Madagascar Revisited Describing the Events of a New Reign and the Revolution Which Followed Setting Forth Also the Persecutions Endured by the Christians and Their Heroic Sufferings with Notices of the Present State and Prospects of the People
Roman Antiquities Or an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans Designed Chiefly to Illustrate the Latin Classics by Explaining Words and Phrases from the Rites and Customs to Which They Refer
Harmonies of Political Economy Volumes 1-2
History of Philosophy Authorized Translation by Frank Thilly from the 5th French Ed
Pictures and Stories
The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice Or a Defence of the Catholic Doctrine That Holy Scripture Has Been Since the Times of the Apostles Volume 1
A Letter to Professor Stewart on the Objects of General Terms and on the Axiomatical Laws of Vision To Which Are Here Added Some Remarks on the Monthly Review on This Subject
Words That Grip Number Twenty-Four of a Series of Modern Business Talks
Man and Nature Or Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action
Army Regulations
Alfred Lord Tennyson A Memoir Volume 2
The Power to Regulate Corporations and Commerce A Discussion of the Existence Basis Nature and Scope of the Common Law of the United States
The Philosophical Works of David Hume Including All the Essays and Exhibiting the More Important Alterations and Corrections in the Successive Editions Pub by the Author Volume 3
Brahma Division Smartah Sect Vol 1 Containing a Historical Account of the Origin Ceremonies Idolatry Manners Customs C of the Various Castes of the Natives of British India Deduced from Authentic Manuscripts and Particular Enquiries
The Sanctity of Consecrated Places A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Church of Saint Mark Horsham on the Thursday in Whitsun Week 1841
First Part of the Royal Commentaries of the Yncas Volume 2
History of the War of the Succession in Spain
A Comradess Luck Or the Stolen Will
Travels in Hungary With a Short Account of Vienna in the Year 1793
A Book of Homage to Shakespeare to Commemorate the Three Hundredth Anniversary of Shakespeares Death
Oliver Cromwell and the Rule of the Puritans in England
Memorandum on the Teaching of Religious Knowledge in Secondary Schools
A Selection from Italian Prose Writers With a Double Translation On the Hamiltonian System
The Car-Builders Dictionary
Deeds of Valor From Records in the Archives of the United States Government How American Heroes Won the Medal of Honor History of Our Recent Wars and Explorations from Personal Reminiscences and Records of Officers and Enlisted Men Who Were Rewarded B
Reservoirs for Irrigation Water-Power and Domestic Water-Supply With an Account of Various Types of Dams and the Methods Plans and Cost of Their Construction
Die Etrusker Vier Bicher Volume 2
Dramatis Personae Dramatic Romances and Lyrics Strafford Etc
Writings of Hugh Swinton Legari Consisting of a Diary of Brussels and Journal of the Rhine Extracts from His Private and Diplomatic Correspondence Orations and Speeches And Contributions to the New-York and Southern Reviews Prefaced by a Memoir
Naval Electricians Text Book Theoretical
Philosophy Historical and Critical By Andri Lefivre Tr with an Introduction by A H Keane B a
Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the Cape of Good Hope [1828-1849] Volume 1
A Cyclopidia of Several Thousand Practical Reciepts And Collateral Information in the Arts Manufactures and Trades Including Medicine Pharmacy and Domestic Economy Designed as a Compendious Book of Reference for the Manufacture Tradesman Amat
The Principles and Methods of Geometrical Optics Especially as Applied to the Theory of Optical Instruments
The Influence of Inanition on Metabolism
Sea Fights and Land Battles From Alfred to Victoria
La Puberti Chez LHomme Et Chez La Femme itudiie Dans Ses Rapports Avec LAnthropologie La Psychiatrie La Pidagogie Et La Sociologie
Transactions Volume 14
Abraham Lincoln A History Volume 8
A Source Book for Mediival History Selected Documents Illustrating the History of Europe in the Middle Age
Narrative of the Voyage of HMS Herald During the Years 1845-1851 Under the Command of Captain Henry Kellett Being a Circumnavigation of the Globe and Three Cruizes to the Arctic Regions in Search of Sir John Franklin Volume 1
Preuiische Jahrbicher 1873 Vol 32
Cisars Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars With the Supplementary Books Attr to Hirtius Literally Tr [by WA Macdevitt] with Notes
Arista and Other Poems
Creation and Other Poems
A Sermon on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln Preached at Monson at the United Service of the Congregational and Methodist Churches on the Occasion of the National Fast June 1 1865
Old Love Letters A Comedy in One Act
A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of the Hon John Quincy Adams Delivered in the Rowe Street Baptist Church February 27 1848
The Finding of True Facts Being an Inaugural Address Delivered at the First Meeting of the Association on the 11th January 1859
An Oration Delivered in Schenectady N Y July 4th 1821
A Sketch of the Literary History of Reading A Paper Read Before the Berks Archaeological and Architectural Society the Reading Literary and Scientific Society
Laurentian Lyrics and Other Poems
The Virgin Birth A Sermon Preached in New York Avenue Presbyterian Church
The Contribution of the Anglo-Saxon Church in the Making of the Republic A Sermon Before the Colonial Dames in the Bethlehem Chapel of the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul Washington Sunday May 5 1912
Address by John S Roeseller Superintendent of Schools for Sauk County
The Limits of Civil Bedience A Sermon Preached in the First Church Dorchester January 12 1851
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Commandery of the District of Columbia War Papers
The Confession of Faith Covenant and Principles of Discipline and Practice Of the Union Church in Groton Mass
Robert Stetson Gorham Born June 28 1863 Died June 18 1913
Mormonism An Address
Tubatulabal and Kawaiisu Kinship Terms
Address at the Twentieth Session of the American Pomological Society Held in Grand Rapids Michigan Sept 9 10 11 1885
The Story of the Sunday School Life of Henry J Heinz Covering Sixty-Four Years from 1854 to 1919 Born October 11 1844 Died May 14 1919
Ted A Play for Boys in Three Acts
Address on Dr Temple Late Archbishop of Canterbury Sometime Head Master of Rugby School Delivered in New Big School Rugby on Sunday June 28 1903
Professional Portraiture by Photography in the United States Vol 2 A National Academy of Photography
The Life of Charles Lamb Volume 1
Poetical Works [introd by WHD Rouse]
The Phytologist A Botanical Journal V1 (1855-1856)
The Car-Builders Dictionary An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms Which Designate American Railroad Cars Their Parts Attatchments and Details of Construction Five Thousand Six Hundred Eighty-Three Illustrations
Plutarchs Morals V5
Ordinances of the City of Philadelphia 1901
The Structure Development of the Mosses and Ferns (Archegoniatae)
One Hundred Years of Mormonism A History of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS from 1805 to 1905
Annual Report Volumes 38-41
Petroleum Investigation Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce House of Representatives Seventy-Sixth Congress Third Session on H Res 290 and HR 7372 to Promote the Conservation of Petroleum to Provid Pt 1
Sonnenscheins Cyclopedia of Education A Practical Handbook of Reference on All Subjects Connected with Education (Its History Theory Practice Modern Developments)
An Historical Account of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina From the First Settlement of the Province to the War of the Revolution With Notices of the Present State of the Church in Each Parish And Some Account of the Early Civil Histor
Palaeontographica Americana V 6 No 38-41 (1968-70)
The Twenty-Second Pennsylvania Cavalry and the Ringgold Battalion 1861-1865
Ohio Mycological Bulletin V1-6 1903-1908
An Introduction to the History of the Successive Revisions of the Book of Common Prayer
Insects Affecting Park and Woodland Trees V 1
Ontario Sessional Papers 1900 No15-21 32 Pt6 9th Legislature 3rd Session No15-21
Correspondence of Charles First Marquis Cornwallis
Ontario Sessional Papers 1874 No6-25 6 Pt3 2nd Legislature 3rd Session No6-25
Ontario Sessional Papers 1898-99 No30-36 31 Pt7 9th Legislature 1st-2nd Session No30-36
John Frederick Starks Daily Hand-Book for Days of Rejoicing and of Sorrow
All the Year Round Volumes 23-24
A Survey of Worcestershire Volume 1
Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research Volume 27
American Forests Volume 9
Animal Breeding
The Vertebrate Fauna of Cheshire and Liverpool Bay Volume 1
Commentary on the Old Testament Volume 1
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of the Early Pioneer Settlers of Ohio with Narratives of Incidents and Occurrences in 1775
The Sacred and Prophane History of the World Connected From the Creation of the World to the Dissolution of the Assyrian Empire at the Death of Sardanapalus and to the Declension of the Kingdoms of Judah and IsraelVol 2
California Under Spain and Mexico 1535-1847 A Contribution Toward the History of the Pacific Coast of the United States Based on Original Sources (Chiefly Manuscript) in the Spanish and Mexican Archives and Other Repositories
Flora Suecica Enumerans Plantas Sueciae Indigenas Cum Synopsi Classium Ordinumque In Duas Partes Dispertita Volume 2
Disputationes Metaphisicae 9-10 RP Francisco Suirez E Societate Jesu
Business a Magazine for Office Store and Factory Volume 20
Chronicon Portense Duobus Libris Distinctum Quorum Prior Continet Veteris Portae Fundationem Translationem Abbates Indulgentias Fraternitates Renovationem Itidem Repurgationem Posterior Novae Portae Post Repurgatam Doctrinam Statum
A Complete History of the Holy Bible as Contained in the Old and New Testaments Including Also the Occurrences of Four Hundred Years from the Last of the Prophets to the Birth of Christ With Copious Notes Volume Volume 2
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the Territory of Arizona Volume 10
Church Hymn Book Consisting of Newly Composed Hymns with an of Hymns and Psalms from Other Authors Carefully Adapted for the Use of Public Worshi
Report to the President
The History and Antiquities of the Seigniory of Holderness in the East-Riding of the County of York Including the Abbies of Meaux and Swine Wwith the Priories of Nunkeeling and Burstall
The Historians of the Church of York and Its Archbishops Issue 71 Volume 1
Flore Du Dipartement Des Hautes-Pyrinies (Publiie Pour La Premiire Fois) Plantes Vasculaires Spontanies Classification Naturelle Dichotomies Pour Arriver Seul Et Sans Maitre i La Ditermination Des Familles Des Genres Des ESPices Table Complite
Die Geschichte Des Hochheiligen Und Allgemeinen Conciliums Von Trient Dessen Kanones Und Beschlisse In Ihrem Bildungsgange Und Wesentliche Inhalte Personen Und Zustinde Nach Pallavicini Mit Ricksicht Auf Sarpi Und Andere
Lord Byrons Werke
A History of the Greenbacks
In Darkest Africa Or the Quest Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria Volume Volume 1
Medical Electricity A Practical Handbook for Students and Practitioners
A Book of Operas Their Histories Their Plots and Their Music
A Manual of Legal Medicine
Practical Handbook of the Pathology of the Skin
A History of the Birds of Europe Not Observed in the British Isles
The Life and Letters of John Fiske Volume 1
The Mechanics Magazine Volume 66
History of Bath and Environs Sagadahoc County Maine 1607-1894
Journal of the Life of John Wilbur A Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends With Selections from His Correspondence c
A Guide to the West Indies Bermuda and Panama
Metaphysics A Study in First Principles
The Socialism of To-Day A Source-Book of the Present Position and Recent Development of the Socialist and Labor Parties in All Countries Consisting Mainly of Original Documents The Socialism of To-Day A Source-Book of the Present Position and Recent Development of the Socialis
Doniphans Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico and California
Portrait and Biographical Record of Muskegon and Ottawa Counties Michigan Containing Biographical Sketches of Citizens and of the Presidents of the United States
Life and Times of Stein Or Germany and Prussia in the Napoleonic Age Volumes 1-2
History of Ancient Pottery Greek Etruscan and Roman Volume 2
Cicero Select Orations
The Essays of Michael Seigneur de Montaigne Translated Into English Volume 2
Wilsons Photographic Magazine Volume 48
On Some Siamese Inscriptions
Historical Collections Being a General Collection of Interesting Facts Traditions Biographical Sketches Anecdotes c Relating to the History and Antiquities of Every Town in Massachusetts with Geographical Descriptions
Ancient and Modern Windsor
The Patriot Vol 1 23 March 1922
Gmres Cr and Arnoldi Lanczos as Matrix Approximation Problems
The Course of Study in the Work of the Modern School
Sprinkling and Pouring Spiritual Modes of Baptism A Sermon Preached by Order of the Presbytery of Tuskaloosa and Published by Their Request
Photographing Clouds from an Airplane
Additions and Corrections to History of Bowdoin College
A Bill of Mortality for the Society of Friends in Dover N H from 1708 to 1791 Also a General Bill of Mortality for Dover N H
Conrad Alexandre Gerard and American Independence Vol 9
The Zone Police A Play in One Act
Selections Illustrating Economic History Since the Seven Years War
A Comparative Study of a Group of Early American Doorways Vol 2 Porches
Members of the New Jersey Assembly 1754 Biographical Sketches
The Theological Crisis
Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Ohio University Athens Ohio For 1865-66
Law and Business
The Lincolnshire Origin of Some Exeter Settlers And the Daughters of Balthazar Willix
The Priscilla Weaving Art
Contributions to the History of the Jews in Surinam
The American Sermon Preached in S Pauls Cathedral London on Sunday July 4th A D 1897
Annual Message of the Executive to the General Assembly of Maryland December Session 1843
The Dakota Language
Paper on the Old Dorchester Burying Ground Read Before the Society November 22nd 1901
Deutsches Gesangbuch Eine Auswahl Geistlicher Leider Aus Allen Zeiten Der Christlichen Kirche Nach Den Besten Hymnologischen Quellen Bearbeitet Und Mit Erliuternden Bemerkingen iber Die Verfasser Den Inhalt Und Die Geschichte Der Lieder Versehen
Vita E Fatti Di Federigo Di Montefeltro Duca Di Urbino Vol 1 Istoria
An Account of the Arctic Regions with a History and Description of the Northern Whale-Fishery
An Essay Upon National Character [Ed by TP Knox]
Dictionnaire Franiois Latin Italien Contenant Non Seulement Un Abregi Du Dictionnaire de L Academie Mais Encore Tout Ce Qu Ily a de Plus Remarquable Dans Les Meilleurs Lexicographes
Geschichte Spaniens Vol 2 Von Den Fruhesten Zeiten Bis Auf Die Gegenwart
The Ancient Cities of the New World Being Travels and Explorations in Mexico and Central America from 1857-1882
The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln the Abraham Lincoln Association Springfiels Illinois VII
The Pathology and Differential Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases of Animals Prepared for Students and Practitioners of Veterinary Medicine
Traite de Physique Experimentale Et Mathematique Vol 4
The Trade-Mark Reporter Volume 2
Saint Alphonse de Liguori 1696-1787 Vol 1
A Cornelii Celsi de Re Medica Libri Octo Recens J Valart
Dr Johann Georg Krunitzs Okonomisch-Technologische Encyklopadie Oder Allgemeines System Der Staats-Stadt-Haus-Und Landwirtschaft Und Der Kunstgeschichte in Alphabetische Ordnung Vol 169
The Foreign Relations of China A History and a Survey
History of the Polk Administration
Dictionnaire Municipal Vol 2 Contenant Par Ordre Alphabtique Les Dispositions Des Lois DCrets Ordonnances Instructions Et Circulaires Arrts Du Conseil DTat Et de la Cour de Cassation
A Select Library of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church Saint Augustin Sermon on the Mount Harmony of the Gospels Homilies on the Gospels
Tubinger Zeitschrift Fur Theologie 1838 Vol 1
Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research Volume 26
Diccionario Mar-Timo Espaol Que Ademas de Las Definiciones de Las Voces Con Sus Equivalentes En Frances Ingles E Italiano Contiene Tres Vocabularios de Estos Idiomas Con Las Correspondencias Castellanas
Neue Pitaval Vol 3 Der Eine Sammlung Der Interessantesten Criminalgeschichten Aller Lnder Aus Lterer Und Neuerer Zeit
History of the Town of Harvard Massachusetts 1732-1893
Report on Paleontology Volume 3
The Electric Furnace
A Treatise on Rheumatic Gout or Chronic Rheumatic Arthritis of All the Joints
Economics Volume 2
Principles of Biochemistry for Students of Medicine Agriculture and Related Sciences
The History of the Descendants of John Dwight of Dedham Mass Volume 1
A Pocket Botanical Dictionary by J Paxton Assisted by Prof Lindley
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the First Circuit Volume 3
The History of the Life and Acts of the Most Reverend Father in God Edmund Grindal the First Bishop of London and the Second Archbishop of York and Canterbury Successively in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth To Which Is Added an Append
Plantation Rubber and the Testing of Rubber
Notes on the Languages of the South Andaman Group of Tribes
The Greek Verb Its Structure and Developement
Workshop Receipts for Manufacturers and Scientific Amateurs Volume 3
The Law of Insanity In Its Application to the Civil Rights and Capacities and Criminal Responsibility of the Citizen
Through the MacKenzie Basin A Narrative of the Athabasca and Peace River Treaty Expedition of 1899
The Thebaid of Statius
The Practical Engineers Hand-Book Comprising a Treatise on Modern Engines and Boilers Marine Locomotive and Stationary and Containing a Large Collection of Rules and Practical Data Relating to Recent Practice in Designing and Constructing All Kinds
The Lives and Trials of Archibald Hamilton Rowan the REV William Jackson the Defenders William Orr Peter Finnerty and Other Eminent Irishmen
The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Volume 6
The Report of the Proceedings and Papers Read in Princes Hall Piccadilly Under the Presidency of the Right Hon Sir Charles W Dilke on the 28th 29th and 30th January 1885
Ethics An International Journal of Social Political and Legal Philosophy Volume 3
English Etymology
Proportional Representation Including Its Relations to the Initiative and Referendum
Eulogy on the Death of Abraham Lincoln Delivered Before the City Council and Citizens of Lowell at Huntington Hall April 19th 1865
Ancient Art and Its Remains Or a Manual of the Archiology of Art
Institutes of the Christian Religion Volume 3
International Law a Treatise Volume 1
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Commandery of the District of Columbia
Radium Vol 6 December 1915
The Indebtedness of the West to New England
The Sources of the Mississippi Vol 6 Their Discoverers Real and Pretended
Strength in Trouble A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of Trinity College Cambridge February 23 1851
Countess Kate
Building Specifications Comprising the Complete Specification of a Large House with Stables Conservatory [etc] Also Numerous Clauses Relating to Special Classes of Buildings and Practical Notes on All Trades and Sections
Pharmacopeia of the American Institute of Homopathy
Problems and a Students Attitude to Them
Ugo Foscolos Brief an Goethe Mailand Den 15 Januar 1862 (Mitgeteilt Im Goethe-Jahrbuch VIII 1887)
Campfire Sketches and Battle-Field Echoes of 61-5
Wife No19 or the Story of a Life in Bondage Being a Complete Exposi of Mormonism and Revealing the Sorrows Sacrifices and Sufferings of Women in Polygamy
Cake Receipts
Le Pere Corot
The Republic of Esthonia and Private Property
Cuba The Loveliest Land That Human Eyes Have Ever Seen
The Religious A Treatise on the Vows and Virtues of the Religious State Volume 1
American Dictionary of Printing and Bookmaking Containing a History of These Arts in Europe and America
From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 Volume 1
Instructions to Young Sportsmen In All That Relates to Guns and Shooting
Elements of Machine Design
The History of Lord Lyttons Indian Administration
The Quarterly Musical Magazine and Review Volume 3
What It Is with All the Kinds Causes Symptomes Prognostics and Several Cures of It In Three Partitions with Their Several Sections Members Subsections Philosophically Medicinally Historically Opened and Cut Up Vol
Abraham Lincoln A History Volume 9
Social Reform and the Constitution
Portrait and Biographical Record of Buchanan and Clinton Counties Missouri Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens Together with Biographies and Portraits of All the Presidents of the United States
The Pattern Cook-Book
Abraham Lincoln A History Volume 5
Afghan War of 1879-80
The Riverdale Hymn Book
The Gospels With Moral Reflections on Each Verse Volume 2
Wherein the Doctrines of the Christian Religion Are Explained and Defended Being the Substance of Several Lectures on the Assemblys Larger Catechism Volume 1
Time-Keeping in London Reprinted for Distribution by the Observatory of Washington University St Louis from the Popular Science Monthly December 1882 January 1883
The Works of Shakespear Comedies The Merchant of Venice Loves Labours Lost as You Like It the Taming of the Shrew Alls Well That Ends Well Twelfth Night Or What You Will the Winters Tale
Official Information Respecting Yazoo County Mississippi By the New Orleans Exposition Commission
The Oaten Cakes An Historical Play for Little Folks in Three Scenes
A Branch of the Caldwell Family Tree Being a Record of Thompson Baxter Caldwell and His Wife Mary Ann (Ames) Caldwell of West Bridgewater Massachusetts Their Ancestors and Descendants
The Family of Badcock of Massachusetts
The Soap Club Dramatic Plays for Young Peoples Societies
Two Missouri Historians A Paper Read Before the State Historical Society of Missouri at Its First Annual Meeting Held at Columbia December 5 1901
Discourse on Edward Everett
Spencers Boston Theatre
Proceedings of a Meeting of Senators Representatives and Citizens Held in the Reception Room of the United States Senate Chamber in Memory of Hon Thomas Corwin Washington D C December 19 1866
Discourse Delivered in the Unitarian Church Charleston S C on the Day of National Fasting Appointed in Consequence of the Death of President Harrison
A Choice Fragment of What Mother-In-Law Knows about Cooking Or Many a Dime Saved
Hand-Book of Chemistry Vol 2
The Times and the Man An Address
England and America A Discourse Delivered by W H Furness Minister of the First Congregational Unitarian Church Sunday December 22 1861
Who Bought Louisiana An Address on the Services of Thomas Jefferson in Connection with the Louisiana Purchase Delivered at the Closing Exercises of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition St Louis Mo April 30 1913
Skicket the Great American Game
Constitution and By-Laws of the Inventors Protective National Union of the United States
The Tariff Board and Its Work
Strictures on the Letter of J K L Entitled a Vindication of the Religious and Civil Principles of the Irish Catholics
Belgic Charity With Other Poems
Address Delivered Before Theodore Winthrop Encampment Post 35 G A R At Academy of Music Chelsea Mass Memorial Day May 30 1873
Patty Packs a Bag Vol 1
The Fair Record of the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon June 1863
The Musical Captain
Edmund Burke A Lecture Delivered in de la Salle Institute on April 30th 1880
Godward a Record of Religious Progress
Punk Or the Amateur Rehearsal A Ridiculum in One Act
Washington and Our Fore-Fathers Made Democracy Safe for the World Not the World Safe for Democracy
Mechanical Drawing Instruction Paper
Life in the Luchu Islands Vol 2
A Visionary Biography and Communications from God from 1824 to 1863
An Oration on the Death of Abraham Lincoln Late President of the United States
My Son Arthur A Comedy in One Act
A Hand-Book of English Literature Volume 2
The Dread Apache That Early-Day Scourge of the Southwest
The Completion of Two Centuries A Discourse Preached in Fairfield on Thanksgiving Day November 28 1839
Sermon Preached Before the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the District of Columbia in Its Church Service Held in Commemoration of the Birth of George Washington in Epiphany Church Washington D C on Feb 19 1992
The Baganda An Account of Their Native Customs and Beliefs
Pools in the Sand
Tentative Moral Code
The Canons of Literary Criticism
Colleges Religious Institutions A Discourse Delivered in the Park Presbyterian Church Newark Oct 29 1851 Before the Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West
Austria and Its Policy A Lecture Delivered at Astoaria N January 21st 1853
The Naiad Queen Or the Revolt of the Naiads A Grand Romantic Operatic Spectacle in Three Acts
The Auto-Biography of Goethe Truth and Poetry From My Own Life The Concluding Books Also Letters from Switzerland and Travels in Italy
A Childs History of England No Thoroughfare
Soy Beans and Secrets of Legume Inoculation
Proceedings at a Special Meeting of the Survivors Association of Charleston District July 25th 1890 The Defense of Charleston Harbor
Modelling Coordination in Organizations Kevin Coordination Science Mit Sloan School of Management December 1990
History of the Church of England from the Abolition of the Roman Jurisdiction Volume 2
Ceremonies At the Unveiling of the Bronze Memorial Group of the Chicago Massacre of 1812
Bibliographical Tracts Vol 1 Spurious Reprints of Early Books
Report of the Trustees of the Public Library Of the City of Boston July 1852
A Treatise on the External Characters of Fossils
William Blackstone in His Relation to Massachusetts and Rhode Island
New System of Drafting Direct from the Measurement Taken with a Tape Measure Without Any Instrument for All the Various Forms of the Human Body Simplified by a Scale on Double Shoulder Measure to Be Learned Without an Instructor
A Strong-Connectivity Algorithm and Its Applications in Data Flow Analysis Applications
The Strength We Get from Sweets How Sugar One of the Chief Sources of Heat and Energy Serves Man at Every Age
History of the Protestant Church in Hungary from the Beginning of the Reformation to 1850
British Museum (Natural History) Vol 12 Instructions for Collectors No 12 Worms
A Library of Universal Knowledge Volume 30
Few Words in Reply to the Animad-Versions of Mr Dyce on Mr Hunters Disquisition on the Tempest (1839) and His New Illustrations of the Life Studies Writings of Shakespeare (1845)
The Weekly Valley Herald Vol 24 April 1886
Farm Servants and Their Employers An Essay by a Member of the Tarland Mutual Improvement Association
Railroads Finance and Organization
The New Sporting Magazine Volume 4
Chartularies of St Marys Abbey Dublin With the Register of Its House at Dunbrody and Annals of Ireland Volume 1
Original Treatises Dating from the Xiith to Xviiith Centuries on the Arts of Painting in Oil and on Glass of Gilding Dyeing [c] with Tr Prefaces and Notes by Mrs Merrifield
Dictionary of Natural History Terms with Their Derivations Including the Various Orders Genera and Species
A Pilgrimage in Europe and America Leading to the Discovery of the Sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River With a Description of the Whole Course of the Former and of the Ohio Volume 1
The French Cook Or the Art of Cookery Developed in All Its Branches
Torrens Title Cases Being a Collection of Important Cases Decided by the Courts of England Australasia and Canada Upon Statutes Relating to the Transfer of Land by Registration of Title with a Full Digest of the Cases to Which Is Prefixed a Summary of T
The Fate and Fortunes of Hugh ONeill Earl of Tyrone and Rory ODonel Earl of Tyrconnel Their Flight from Ireland Their Vicissitudes Abroad and Their Death in Exile
The Works of Isaac Penington A Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends Including His Collected Letters Volume 4
Bush-Fruits A Horticultural Monograph of Raspberries Blackberries Dewberries Currants Gooseberries and Other Shrub-Like Fruits Rural Science Series
Surgical Memoirs of the War of the Rebellion Volume 2
Life and Times of HH Kavanaugh One of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church South
Ore Dressing Volume 1
The New American Botanist and Florist Including Lessons in the Structure Life and Growth of Plants Together with a Simple Analytical Flora Descriptive of the Native and Cultivated Plants Growing in the Atlantic Division of the American Union
Life of Thurlow Weed Including His Autobiography and a Memoir
Industrial Combinations and Trusts
A Tramp Abroad Illustrated by W Fr Brown True Williams B Day and Other Artists - With Also Three or Four Pictures Made by the Author of This Book Without Outside Help In All 328 Illus by Mark Twain (Samuel L Clemens)
Storia Documentata Di Venezia Volume 10
Hesiod the Homeric Hymns and Homerica
Useful Birds and Their Protection Containing Brief Descriptions of the More Common and Useful Species of Massachusetts with Accounts of Their Food Habits and a Chapter on the Means of Attracting and Protecting Birds
Transylvania Its Products and Its People
Charter of the City of Brooklyn Passed June 28 1873 As Subsequently Amended with the Charter of April 17 1854 and the Amendments Thereto and Other Laws Relating to Said City Also the Ordinances of the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn as
Education for Business
The Afghan War of 1879-80 Being a Complete Narrative of the Capture of Cabul the Siege of Sherpur the Battle of Ahmed Khel the Brilliant March to Candahar and the Defeat of Ayub Khan with the Operations of the Helmund and the Settlement with Abdur
A Handbook of Organic Chemistry
Men and Measures of Half a Century Sketches and Comments
Hymns of the Church Militant
Forest Mensuration
All the Year Round A Weekly Journal Volume 37
Outlines of the History of Dogma
The Evils of Disunity in Civic or County Local Administration
Index-Digest of the Federal Reserve ACT and Amendments
The Earle Family Ralph Earle and His Descendants
The Journal of Biological Chemistry Volumes 1-25
A Genealogical and Biographical History of Keokuk County Iowa
The American History and Encyclopedia of Music Volume 1
The Dog
The Dawn of the Constitution Or the Reigns of Henry III and Edward I (A D 1216-1307)
A Pilgrimage to Italy An Account of a Visit to Brindisi Naples Mount Vesuvius Pompeii Rome Florence Venice and Milan
All the Year Round Volume 36
Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review Volume 20
Annual Report of the Commissioner of Banking Being the Annual Report of the Banking Department of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the Year Part 2
The Selector or Cornish Magazine [afterw] the Cornish Magazine
The Life of Charles Lamb 1818-1834 Appendices I Portraits of Lamb II Lambs Commonplace Books III Lambs Library IV John Lambs Poetical Pieces
Documents and Facts Relative to Military Events
A Non-Phrenological Essay on the Philosophy of Education
Institutional Beginnings in a Western State Vol 7
Defence of Polygamy by a Lady in Utah in a Letter to Her Sister in New Hampshire
Review of T L McKenneys Narrative Of the Causes Which in 1814 Led to General Armstrongs Resignation of the War Office
I Deportation and Colonization An Attempted Solution of the Race Problem
The Political Obstacles to Missionary Success in China
Oregon at Malabon And Other Poems
The Coming Man! Our African Fellow-Citizen! Shall We Vote Is He Fit Is He Capable
The Noon Hour and the Noon Lunch
Report of the Military Services 1872
The Law of Patents and Copyrights as Revised Simplified Arranged and Consolidated by the Commission Appointed for That Purpose From the Various Acts of Congress Now in Force in Whole or in Part
The Poetic Form of the First Psalm
An Essay on the Doctrines and Practice of the Early Christians as They Relate to War Addressed to Those Who Profess to Have a Regard for the Christian Name
The Paradox of Oxford
Funeral Discourse Over the Remains of the Hon Henry M Spofford Delivered in the Methodist Church in Pulaski Tenn August 24 1880
The Primary Needs of the Negro Race An Address Delivered Before the Alumni Association of the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute
Speech of Mr Everett of Massachusetts in the House of Representatives on the 14th and 21st of February 1831 on the Execution of the Laws and Treaties in Favor of the Indian Tribes
More Light on the Old Mill at Newport
A Memorial of the Pilgrims The Presentation to the City of Boston in Massachusetts of an Ancient Railing from the City of Boston in Lincolnshire
Report of the Treasurer Overseers of the Poor and Superintending School Committees of the Town of Amherst For the Year Ending March 1st 1877
Shelleys View of Nature Contrasted with Darwins
Myths Scenes Worthies of Somerset
Im from Boston Scenes from the Living Past Illustrated by Picture and Story
The Explorers Miners and Metallurgists Companion Comprising a Practical Exposition of the Various Departments of Geology Exploration Mining Engineering Assaying and Metallurgy
Liberia Volume 1
Historical Record of the 14th (Kings) Hussars from A D 1715 to A D 1900
The History of Lynn Civil Ecclesiastical Political Commercial Biographical Municipal and Military from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time Volume 1
The Works of Jacob Behmen the Teutonic Theosopher To Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author With Figures Illustrating His Principles Left by the Reverend William Law MA Volume 3
Records of the Manor Parish and Borough of Hampstead in the County of London to December 31st 1889
Georgias Roster of the Revolution Containing a List of the States Defenders Officers and Men Soldiers and Sailors Partisans and Regulars Whether Enlisted from Georgia or Settled in Georgia After the Close of Hostilities
Bowling Catalog E
The Law of Electricity A Treatise on the Rules of the Law Relating to Telegraphs Telephones Electric Lights Electric Railways and Other Electric Appliances
Roster of the Ex-Confederate Soldiers Living in Lincoln County with the Address of A Nixon Delivered Before the United Daughters of the Confederacy and Confederate Veterans in Court House Lincolnton N C on Memorial Day Friday May 10th 1907
The Chemical Forces Heat - Light - Electricity an Introduction to Chemical Physics Designed for the Use of Academies Colleges and Medical Schools
Magnetic Rotatory Dispersion in Transparent Liquids Dissertation Submitted to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University in Conformity with the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy June 1921
A Text-Book of Colloquial Japanese
Papers Read Before the Lancaster County Historical Society Friday June 6 1919 Vol 23 The Beginnings of Artificial Roads in Pennsylvania And Minutes of the June Meeting
An Epitome of English History Since the Norman Conquest In Rhyme
Radical Prevention of Costia Necatrix in Salmonoid Fry
A Gradient Projection Algorithm for Relaxation Methods
The Handbook of Summer Sports and Pastimes
Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures
Life of Oliver P Morton Including His Important Speeches Volume 2
The Character and History of the Book of Sports 1618-1643 A Paper Read at a Meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society on February 9 1905
A Soldier of Three Wars Nathan Noble of New Boston (Now Gray Maine) the Story of an Ancestor
White Pine Vol 8 Series of Architectural Monographs Dependencies of the Old Fashioned House
Strathcona Horse Speech by Nicholas Flood Davin Lansdowne Park March 7th 1900 A D on the Occasion of the First Parade of the Strathcona Horse When a Flag from the Town of Sudbury Was Presented by Her Excellency the Countess of Minto
Principles and Rules for the Establishment of the Millennial Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Called the Church of the Holy Spirit
Inventory Management by Selected Retail Farm Supply Co-Ops Area IV (Kansas Nebraska Missouri Iowa and Illinois)
Windermere A Poem
Spherical Aberration of Thin Lenses
A Tribute to Shelley
Army Appropriation Bill Our Relations with the Philippine Islands
Report of the Committee on Arrangements and Reception to the Chief of Staff of the United States Army and Officers of the General Staff 1920
An Architectural Monograph on Providence and Its Colonial Houses
A Proper Reply to a Late Infamous and Scurrilous Libel Intitled A Congratulatory Letter to a Certain Right Honourable Person Upon His Late Disappointment
The Influence of Certain Electrolytes on the Composition of Saturated Bredig Gold Sols Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Pure Science in Columbia University
Investigation of the Effect of Heat Upon the Crushing Strength and Elastic Properties of Concrete
A Story in Verse from Facts of the Times Vol 2
Historical Sketch of the Fifteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers First Brigade First Division Sixth Corps
Reminiscences of Service with the First Volunteer Regiment of Georgia Charleston Harbor in 1863 An Address Delivered Before the Georgia Historical Society March 3 1879
A Memoir on the History and Physical Geography of Minnesota
The Blessednes of Brytaine or a Celebration of the Queenes Holyday
Descrizione del Canto de Sogni Mandato Dallillustrissimo E Eccellentissimo S Principe Di Fiorenza E Di Siena Il Secondo Giorno Di Febbraio 1565 in Fiorenza
New Brunswick as a Home for Emigrants With the Means of Promoting Immigration and Developing the Resources of the Province
The Constitution Canons C of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New Jersey As Revised and Adopted in a Convention Held at Burlington on the 1st and 2nd of May 1811 Also the Journal of the Proceedings of Said Convention
The Horological Journal Volume 141 Issue 1
The Life and Times of the Reverend George Whitefield MA
Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard Major General United States Army
Commercial Poultry Raising A Thoroughly Practical and Complete Reference Work for the Amateur Fancier or General Farmer Especially Adapted to the Commercial Poultryman
Select Theological Library Containing Valuable Publications Principally Treating of the Doctrine of Universal Salvation
Memoir Prepared at the Request of a Committee of the Common Council of the City of New York and Presented to the Mayor of the City at the Celebration of the Completion of the New York Canals
The Life of Dan Rice
Lumber Its Manufacture and Distribution
Electric Traction for Railway Trains A Book for Students Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Superintendents of Motive Power and Others
San Diego County California A Record of Settlement Organization Progress and Achievement Volume 2
A Commentary on the Psalms of David Volume 2
The Empire of the Tsars and the Russians Volume 2
Letters of Mrs Adams
History of Seward County Nebraska and Reminiscenses of Territorial History
History of Monmouth and Wales Volume 1
The Birds of the Santa Marta Region of Colombia A Study in Altitudinal Distribution
The Complete Court-Keeper Or Land-Stewards Assistant
Baptist Home Missions in North America Including a Full Report of the Proceedings and Addresses of the Jubilee Meeting and a Historical Sketch of the American Baptist Home Mission Society Historical Tables Etc 1832-1882
Handlingar Rirande Skandinaviens Historia Volume 40
The Asa Gray Bulletin Volumes 1-8
Congressional Edition Volume 3228
Popular Electricity and the Worlds Advance Volume 4 Issues 1-6
The Standard Concert Guide A Handbook of the Standard Symphonies Oratorios Cantatas and Symphonic Poems for the Concert Goer
American Forests Volume 11
The Deluge An Historical Novel of Poland Sweden and Russia a Sequel to with Fire and Sword Volume 2
Spiritual Gems of the Ages
The Hymnal as Adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the Year of Our Lord 1892
Posthumous Works of Frederic II King of Prussia Correspondence an Essay on German Literature a Moral Dialogue for the Use of the Young Nobility Eulogium on Voltaire
Hans Rudolph Fisslins Kritisches Verzeichniss Der Bessten Nach Den Berihmtesten Mahlern Vorhandenen Kupferstiche
The Christian Science Journal Volume 37
The History of Pennsylvania from the Earliest Discovery to the Present Time Including an Account of the First Settlements by the Dutch Swedes and English and of the Colony of William Penn His Treaty and Pacific Measures with the Indians
Prehistoric Times As Illustrated by Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of Savages
Perpetuum Mobile
Praktische Italienische Grammatik Fir Beiderley Geschlecht
Sophoclis Oedipus in Colono Volume 2
The Novels Tales and Plays of John Galsworthy The Forsyte Saga
Appletons Journal A Magazine of General Literature Volume 8
Lirobok I Mineralogin Med 260 I Texten Intryckta Tridsnitt Andra Omarbetade Och Tillikta Upplagan
The Poor Law Magazine and Parochial Journal Volume 18
The Dealings of God Man and the Devil As Exemplified in the Life Experience and Travels of Lorenzo Dow with His Polemics and Miscellaneous Writings to Which Is Added the Vicissitudes of Life
The Commercial Telegraphers Journal The Official Organ of the Commercial Telegraphers Union of America Volumes 14-15
Catechismus Romanus Ad Parochos Ex Decreto Sacr Concilii Tridentini Jussu Pii V Pontif Maximi Editus Ad Instar Editionis Taurinensis Omnium Locupletissimae Et Emendatissimae Impressus
Complete Poetical Works
The Young Wifes Cook Book With Receipts of the Best Dishes for Breakfast Dinner and Tea
The Israel of the Alps A Complete History of the Waldenses of Piedmont and Their Colonies Prepared in Great Part from Unpublished Documents Volume 2
History of the Town of Hampton New Hampshire from Its Settlement in 1638 to the Autumn of 1892 2
The Works of John Owen Volume 18
History of Chicago from the Earliest Period to the Present Time Volume 1
Memoir of the Life of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington Ed and Abridged by Lady Bourchier
The Cathedrals of Southern France
Ollendorffs New Method of Learning to Read Write and Speak the Italian Language Adapted for the Use of Schools and Private Teachers
Elementary Textbook of Economic Zoology and Entomology
Speeches and Writings
A Text-Book of Medical Chemistry and Toxicology
Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew 1
The Life of Ashbel Green V D M
Civil Engineering A Text-Book for a Short Course
Modern Engineering Practice A Reference Library
Appendix to Verses 1868
History of the Old Cheraws Containing an Account of the Aborigines of the Pedee the First White Settlements Their Subsequent Progress Civil Changes the Struggle of the Revolution and Growth of the Country Afterward Extending from about AD 1730 to
India and Its Faiths A Travelers Record
Major General Ambrose E Burnside and the Ninth Army Corps A Narrative of Campaigns in North Carolina Maryland Virginia Ohio Kentucky Mississippi and Tennessee During the War for the Preservation of the Republic
Manual of Astronomy A Text-Book
Bacon Is Not Shakespeare
Statement of Facts from Each Religious Denomination in New England Respecting Ministers Salaries
Thomas Brackett Reed Address by Hon Samuel W McCall Upon the Unveiling of the Monument of Hon Thomas Brackett Reed at Portland Me August 31 1910
Applied Christianity and War
Brief Synopsis of the Course of Lectures in Descriptive Geometry As Arranged for the First Year Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering University of Toronto
Observations on the Platform at Persepolis
Miners Pocket-Book A Reference Book for Engineers and Others Engaged in Metalliferous Mining
Federal Income Tax Problems --1922
A Discourse Commemorative of the Death of Gen Z Taylor President of the United States Delivered Before the L D of D F S of Temperance and Citizens of Tonawanda N Y July 29th 1850
John Armstrong Chaloner Plaintiff in Error vs Thomas T Sherman Volume 2
The Quest of the Holy Grail
Report of the Stars and Bars Committee United Confederate Veterans Richmond Reunion June 1 to 3 1915
Cardboard Construction Plate System
A Historical Collection from Official Records Files c of the Part Sustained by Connecticut During the War of the Revolution With an Appendix Containing Important Letters Depositions c Written During the War
Revision of the English Bible
Theology and Science An Address Delivered to Students Preparing for Ordination at the Clergy School at Leeds in December 1880
The Old Falls House
Jacob Grimm An Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Philological Society on Friday May 7 1915
The Early Moravian Contribution to Liberal Education in Eastern Pennsylvania
Our Army The Necessity of a Well Organized and Trained Infantry at the Outbreak of War and the Best Means to Be Adopted by the United States for Obtaining Such a Force
Reminiscences of John Davidson a Maine Pioneer Communicated to the New England Historical and Genealogical Register
The Story of Conn-Eda or the Golden Apples of Loch Erne Translated from the Original Irish
Buried Millions Where Do Gold and Silver Go
Eight Stories for Isabel
Africas Call to America A Discourse Preached in Behalf of the American Colonization Society in St Andrews Church Philadelphia February 26th 1882
The Holy City and Gehenna
A Sermon of Good Works Annexed Unto Faith
History of Custer County Idaho
The Cotton Family of Portsmouth N H
The Murder of Pompilia
The Diamond Being the Law of Prophetic Succession and a Defence of the Calling of James J Strang as Successor to Joseph Smith
The Soldier Turned Farmer
Special Bulletin on Women and War Remarks at Graduation of Nurses from Training School June 4 1917
A Few Concise Examples of Seven Hundred Errors in Shakspeares Plays Now Corrected and Elucidated And Which Have Afforded Abundant Scope for Critical Animadversion And Hitherto Held at Defiance the Penetration of All Shakspeares Commentators
The Shorter Bible The Old Testament
John Stuart Mill
Introductory Address of Hon William P Wheeler of Keene N H President of the Day and Oration of Baron Stow D D of Boston Delivered at the Centennial Celebration at Croydon N H June 13 1866
Notes of a Staff Officer of Our First New Jersey Brigade on the Seven Days Battle on the Peninsula in 1862
The Domestic Use of Oil Among the Southern Aborigines
History of the Great Secession from the Methodist Episcopal Church in the Year 1845 Eventuating in the Organization of the New Church Entitled the Methodist Episcopal Church South
Flora Medica Containing Coloured Delineations of the Various Medicinal Plants Admitted Into the London Edinburgh and Dublin Pharmacopoeias With Their Natural History Botanical Descriptions Medical and Chemical Properties c c Together with a
Sketches of the Character Manners and Presend State of the Highlanders of Scotlandwith Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments
Christianity East and West An Ecclesiastical Pilgrimage
Introduction to English Literature
A Manual of the Mechanics of Engineering and of the Construction of Machines Designed as a Text-Book for Technical Schools and Colleges and for the Use of Engineers Architects Etc Volume 2
Investigations in the Military and Anthropological Statistics of American Soldiers
Delsarte System of Oratory Including the Complete Works of M LAbbe Delaumosne and Mme Angelique Arnaud (Puoils of Delsarte) with the Literary Remains of Francois Delsarte Procured of Mme Delsarte and Given Literally in Delsartes Own Words Without
Constipation Obstipation and Intestinal Stasis (Autointoxication)
Letters of John Wesley
Principles of the Criminal Law A Concise Exposition of the Nature of Crime the Various Offences Punishable by the English Law the Law of Criminal Procedure and the Law of Summary Convictions with Table of Offences Their Punishments and Statutes Tab
Royal and Historical Letters During the Reign of Henry the Fourth King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland AD 1399-1404
History of Friedrich the Second Called Frederick the Great Volume 6
American Phonetic Journal Volumes 3-5
Manual of Gardening A Practical Guide to the Making of Home Grounds and the Growing of Flowers Fruits and Vegetables for Home Use
Chronicles and Memorials of the Reign of Richard I Ed by W Stubbs [in Lat]
Caxtoniana A Series of Essays on Life Literature and Manners Volumes 1-2
Tales and Stories of the Irish Peasantry
Utah Gazatteer and Directory of Logan Ogden Provo and Salt Lake Cities for 1884
Homers Odyssey Ed with Engl Notes Etc by WW Merry and J Riddell
Painters and Their Works A Dictionary of Great Artists Who Are Not Now Alive Giving Their Names Lives and the Prices Paid for Their Works at Auctions Volume 2
Capital The Process of Circulation of Capital
History of the United Netherlands From the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Years Truce--1609 Volume 2
Gods Presence and Purpose in Our War A Thanksgiving Discourse Delivered in St Andrews Church Philadelphia Thursday November 26 1863
A History of Currency in the United States
Furniture of the Pilgrim Century 1620-1720 Including Colonial Utensils and Hardware
History of Tucker County West Virginia from the Earliest Explorations and Settlements to the Present Time
The Lesson of the Hour Justice as Well as Mercy
The History of English Rationalism in the Nineteenth Century
A Concise Practical Treatise on Artificial Fly Fishing for Trout
Farthest North Being a Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Months Sleigh Journey by Dr Nansen and Lieut Johannsen
Annals of the Town of Providence From Its First Settlement to the Organization of the City Government in June 1832
A Journey Through Texas Or a Saddle-Trip on the South-Western Frontier With a Statistical Appendix
Village and Open-Country Neighborhoods
The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare Julius Caesar Antony and Cleopatra Timon of Athens Cymbeline King Lear Romeo and Juliet Hamlet Othello
Tractatus de Jure Regularium Ubi Et de Religiosis Familiis Vol 1 Qu Vota Solemnia Vel Etiam Simplicia Perpetua Non Habent
Reports of Commission on a Memorial to Major-General Israel Putnam to the General Assembly 1887 Majority and Minority Reports
German Life and Manners as Seen in Saxony at the Present Day With an Account of Village Life--Town Life--Fashionable Life--Married Life--School and University Life c of Germany at the Present Time
The History of Fairfield Fairfield County Connecticut from the Settlement of the Town in 1639 to 1818
Words of Truth To Those Who Understand
Poulsons Town and Country Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1789-1801
The Pillar of Fire
Annual Report of the Secretary of War Volume 1
Ontario Sessional Papers 1884 No3-5 16 Pt2 5th Legislature 1st Session No3-5
Old Mr Tredgold
Ontario Sessional Papers 1868-69 No24-37 1 Pt3 1st Legislature 2nd Session No24-37
The Arabian Nights Entertainments
Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada 1912 46 No11 Sessional Papers No18-18a
Wanderings in South America the North-West of the United States and the Antilles in the Years 1812 1816 1820 1824 With Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds Etc for Cabinets of Natural History
Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society Volume Volume 15
A Voyage in the Yacht s Unbeam Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months
Debit and Credit
Our North Land Being a Full Account of the Canadian North-West and Hudsons Bay Route Together with a Narrative of the Experiences of the Hudsons Bay Expedition of 1884 Including a Description of the Climate Resources and the Characteristics of the
The Principles of Political Economy Applied to the Condition the Resources and the Institutions of the American People
Ontario Sessional Papers 1947 No1-2 79 Pt1 22nd Legislature 3rd Session No1-2
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English With Introductions and Critical and Explanatory Notes to the Several Books Ed in Conjuction with Many Scholars Volume 1
Geschichte Der Neueren Philosophie Volume 3
Library Journal Volume 12
A Handbook of Greek Archaeology
Algebra An Elementary Text-Book for the Higher Classes of Secondary Schools and for Colleges Volume 1
The Cyropidia Or Institution of Cyrus and the Hellenics Or Grecian History
Letters of Harriet Countess Granville 1810-1845
A History of French Public Law Translated by James W Garner with Introd by Harold D Hazeltine and by Westel W Willoughby
Biographical Review This Volume Contains Biogaphical Sketches of the Leading Citizens of Franklin County Massachusetts
The Life of Apollonius of Tyana the Epistles of Apollonius and the Treatise of Eusebius With an English Translation by FC Conybeare Volume 2
The Works of James Arminius Translated from the Latin in Three Volumes Volume 2
Constantinople Painted by Warwick Goble
Elements of Chemical and Physical Geology
The Hunting Grounds of the Great West A Description of the Plains Game and Indians of the Great North American Desert
The Forgotten Man and Other Essays
Memoir of the Services of the Bengal Artillery from the Formation of the Corps Ed by JW Kaye
The Oxford Book of Italian Verse 13th Century-19th Century Chosen by St John Lucas
The Sun Ruler Fire Light and Life of the Planetary System
Wanderings in Burma
Historic Indiana Being Chapters in the Story of the Hoosier State from the Romantic Period of Foreign Exploration and Dominion Through Pioneer Days Stirring War Times and Periods of Peaceful Progress to the Present Time
Preferences in Art Life and Literature
Memoir of George David Cummins First Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church
Baptismon Didach Or Scriptural Studies on Baptisms Especially Christian Baptism
Hills Manual of Social and Business Forms A Guide to Correct Writing with Approved Methods in Speaking and Acting in the Various Relations of Life
History of the House of Austria from the Foundation of the Monarchy by Rhodolph of Hapsburgh to the Death of Leopold the Second 1218-1792
The Writ of Habeas Corpus and Mr Binney
Personal Memoirs of US Grant Volume 1
Out of Doors for Woman Vol 3 September 1895
University Club of Chicago Floor Plans Illustrative Sketches and Brief Descriptions of the New Building of the Club
Ancient Biographical Poems on the Duke of Norfolk Viscount Hereford the Earls of Essex and Queen Elizabeth From Goughs Norfolk Mss In the Bodleian Library
A Dictionary of the Economic Products of India Gossypium to Linociera
Miscellaneous Publication No 32 Pp 1-12 Published November 16 1962
Bulletin D Income Tax Average Percentages of Pre-War Income to Pre-War Invested Capital of General Classes of Corporations Grouped as to Trades or Businesses as Provided for in Section 311 (C) (2) Revenue Act of 1918
Spring 1970 the Star Roses Guide to Garden Pleasure
The Way to Secure Peace and Establish Unity as One Nation
Plans for a Model Jail And a Departmental Plan for a Detention Home for Delinquent Women Presented at the Fifty-First Congress of the American Prison Association Jacksonville Florida 1921
First Year Algebra Scales
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 3 May 21 1892
Is All We Want Worth a Civil War Or Conciliatory Thoughts Upon the Present Crisis
Speech of Hon Lewis F Linn of Missouri On His Amendment to the Land Distribution Bill Proposing to Appropriate the Revenue from the Public Lands to the National Defences In Senate August 11 1841
Engineering as a Profession
Strictures on the Recent Decisions of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Annual Report of the School Committee of the City of Charlestown 1859
The Right and Duty of Congress to Recognize War in Cuba Speech in the Senate May 17 1897
Una Balsa de Aceite Comedia En Un Acto y En Prosa
Annual Reports of the Selectmen and Treasurer and Superintendent of Public Schools of the Town of Lee for the Year Ending March 1 1884
Notes on the Development of the Holdfasts of Certain Florideae
Gettysburg 1920 A Survey
Recopilacin de Leyes y Decretos de Venezuela 1899 Vol 22
Project for a National Monument to the Women of the Civil War With Speech of the Hon James M Beck Delivered at the Banquet of the Loyal Legion New York October 4th 1911
Was Mobile Bay the Bay of Spiritu Santo
Experimental Surface Gill Net Fishing for Skipjack (Katsuwonus Pelamis) in Hawaiian Waters
The Evolution of the Scientific Investigator Opening Address at the International Congress of Arts and Science at the Universal Exposition St Louis September September 19 1904
The Thermodynamic Properties of Solutions of One-Tenth Molal Hydrochloric Acid Containing Calcium Strontium and Barium Chlorides A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doct
An Integral Representation of the Electromagnetic Field in the Image Space of an Optical System
The Engineers and Architects Association of Southern California Organized September 11 1894 Los Angeles
Style in Musical Art An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at Oxford on March 7 1900
A Brief Sketch or the Earliest History of Michigans Great Lake Region Now the Summer Land of the Middle West
Wonderful Story about Capt Rand
The Collection of Old China and Porcelain English and Irish Glass Bibelots of Many Sorts Old Lighting Fixtures
The Northern Fur Seal
Act of Incorporation Constitution and By-Laws of the Hamilton Literary Association of Brooklyn
Lettres de Messire Antoine Arnauld Docteur de la Maison Et Societe de Sorbonne Vol 3
A Day in Historic and Beautiful Annapolis With Descriptions of Places Made Famous in American History by the Revolutionary War-Still in Good Preservation in Annapolis
English Ancestry and Royal Descent of the Joy Family of America
The Old Glade Road
The Second Hospital in the Colonies Vol 1 The Coole Springs of St Maries Maryland
Address of Hon Philander Chase Knox at the Dedication of the Monument Erected to the Memory of Major-General Edward Braddock In Braddock Memorial Park Fayette County Pennsylvania October 15th 1913
Benton County Her Organization and Early History and Memorial Tribute to Her Early Settlers
An Enquiry Into the Political Grade of the Free Coloured Population Under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Pennsylvania In Three Parts
Bureau of Standards Supplementing Exhibit of the Bureau of Standards at the Brazil Centennial Exposition Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1922-23
Speech of Senator Foraker at the Republican Campaign Opening at Bellefontaine Ohio September 23 1905

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