Sheer Khurma


Sheer Khurma Recipe in Urdu/English

If you are thinking about Eid special desserts than Sheer Khurma is your best choice. Sheer Khurma is one of the traditional Pakistani dessert recipe which is serves in Pakistani homes on special festivals like Eid ul Fitar, Shab e Barat and Eid Ul Adha. Sheer Khorma is combinations of milk, Dry Fruits, Dasi Ghee, Phaniyaan and Vermicelli (Siwayaan). Get Step by step Method of making Tasty Sheer Khurma available at

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Ingredients For Sheer Khurma

– Milk (Doodh) 1-liter
– Cashew (Kaju) 25-Grams
– Raisin (Siwiyaan) 25-Grams
– Almond (Badam) 25-Grams
– Pistachio (Pista) 25gRams
– Melon Seeds ( 4 magz)  25 Grams
– DesiGhee (1/2 Cup)
– Cardamom (Elachi) 6
– 4 Clove (Loong)
– Sweet Makhana (Half cup)
– Coconut (Gari Khopra) 50 Grams
– Phaniyan (Siwayaan) 100 Grams
– Vermicelli 100 Grams
– Sugar (Cheeni) 1 cup
– Walnut (Akhrot) 25 Grams
– Khoya 50 Grams
– Kewra Water ½ TAblespoon
– Tutti Frutti 150g

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Cooking Directions For Sher Khurma

1- Add 1 Liter Milk in Pan and boil it.
2-Add half cup desi ghee  and malt it

3- Now add cardamom, clove, maiwa, sweet makhana, coconut, chaar mughz, boiled milk, vermicelli, sugar, phaniyan, and cook it till 10 minutes.
4- Add khoya and mix it well

5- Add tutti frutti and cook it well .
6- Now, add kewra.

7- Sheer Khurma is ready

Tasty Sheer Khurma Recipe is Ready to Serve
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serving Persons : 4