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Top 13 Fruity Drinks to Beat the Heat this Summer


The dreadful summer is just around the corner and it is necessary to arm ourselves with something that would help us beat the heat in a tasty, refreshing way. Throughout the summer, juices prove to be a great source of pleasure and not only provide the body with a preliminary cooling effect but also make a hale and hearty meal consideration the amount of desperation of quenching the thirst during the anxiety of summer heat. Natural fruit juices are also very helpful when it comes to the control and prevention of lots of health related issues which are pretty common during summers. Cited below are the top 13 fruit juices that will come handy while trying to beat the heat this summer.

List of top 13 fruit juices

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice like all citrus fruits is a rich source of vitamin C. when mixed with ginger strands, it offers great anti-melanoma tendencies. Lemon juice is also beneficial for stomach related problems. Lemon ginger juice can be used as a remedy for skin, hair and gum related issues.

2. Watermelon Juice

watermelons are indeed a tasty, juicy treat.  Watermelon juice helps reduce the risk of formation of kidney stones. This fruit juice is also a perfect remedy for skin troubles like zits. Simply peel the fruit and grind it to get a tasty, pulpy, juice extract. It is highly recommended to take watermelon juice without adding sugar to it.

3. Muskmelon juice

This nourishing fruit juice provides the body with a healthy amount of fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants. This juice is also rich in beta-carotene and helps control heart diseases, ulcers and prevents from urinary system infections. The juice can also be used as a weight reduction supplement.

4. Mango juice

The arrival of summer marks the approach of the king of fruits. Yes, we are talking about the delectable mango. This tasty fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and iron which are major components, required for survival in the summer heat. Mangoes provide the body with goodanti-melanomaa properties and aid with the control and prevention of heart and stomach related difficulties.

5. Papaya juice 

Papaya juice a great source of proteolytic digestive enzymes which help the body to digest the food easily and keeps you feeling light and healthy. Papaya rejuvenates the body and helps to fight off stomach related issues.

6. Sugarcane juice

If you are looking for an instant source of hydration and energy, then sugarcane juice is the right choice for you. Sugarcane juice is the best way to prevent heat stroke and it boosts the immune system aiding it in fighting infections and gives an instant surge of energy. Sugarcane is a rich source of antioxidants, glucose, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

7. Lime juice

 Mosambi is also known as the sweet lime and is a fruit with a bucketful of advantages. Mosambi is loaded with Vitamin C, iron and copper. If you are dealing with a digestion predicament, pigmentation issue, pimples or constipation then a glass of mosambi is a big yes for you. It also fights the sun tan and keeps the skin looking healthy and fresh.

8. Coconut water  

Coconut is a delicious natural beverage that helps cool down the digestive tract. During the excess heat of summer, the body’s immune system has a propensity to decrease in function. Blessed with natural sugars and low fat, coconut water provides the body with nutrients and oxygen and helps it keep the level of hydration. Coconut also helps you in recovering from ailments like diarrhea and decreases the risk of kidney stones. Coconut also has as soothing effect on the skin and provides it with a natural glow.

9. Cucumber sangria 

This wonderful drink is a mixture of cucumbers, honey and lime juice. The composition of cucumbers is mostly water and it has a cooling effect on the body which also revitalizes the mind makes you feel light. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins, folate and calcium. It helps you stay hydrated, aids in weight loss and even has cancer fighting tendencies.

10. Blackberry with lemonade juice

 This delectable drink is a tasty blend of lemonade, fresh blackberries and rosemary syrup. The sweet and tart blackberry lemonade has magical healing tendencies. It helps soothe sore throat, supports kidney function and works as a detoxifying agent as it removes harmful toxins from the body.

11. Mint ice tea

Finally we have come across a good summer alternative of our tea. Mint ice tea is arguably the best summer option for people not willing to give up their tea habit. Ice tea is a good source of fluoride and flavonoids. It is also rich in manganese which revitalizes body and mind. Mint helps you get rid of nausea and headaches and also helps improve digestion and appetite. Mint ice tea can also be helpful in the process of weight reduction and being a good oil-antiseptic, it removes excess oil and pimples from the skin.

 12. Strawberry coconut cream soda

 Now, this beautifully flavored beverage will not only quench your thirst, rather it can be served as a tasty treat while enjoying the company of your friends or family. We’ve already enlisted the benefits that a coconut provides for a human body. Similarly, strawberries are a good source of antioxidants like anthrocyanin which protects the body from damaging effects of the sun. They are also rich in vitamin C and a healthy amount of fiber. Strawberries have a natural tendency to decrease blood pressure and thus it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

13. Pina Colada Smoothie

 Pina Colada is a delicious blend of fresh coconut milk, banana, vanilla, yogurt, pineapple chunks and honey. It should be known as “health in a glass”. Pina colada contains the goodness of yogurt and coconut which keeps the body hydrated. Yogurt is also a good source of animal protein. Bananas provide a good source of potassium and honey acts as a natural weight reduction agent. Pina colada is also a good source of manganese and possesses anti-inflammatory tendencies.

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