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Top 15 Office Furniture Trends & Layout of 2018

office furniture trends 2018

One has to make a conscious amount of effort so that his workstation can look more conducive and comfortable looking. You can opt great amount of collaborative schemes if you are investing in getting a modern furniture for your office. We know that office culture and layouts, they have been completely evolved on a tremendous note. Most of the workstations are now featured and installed with creative spaces. We often see collaboration-focused kind of workstations. The maximum number of workstations gives a fun environment to their employees.

Check out latest office furniture trends 2018 from here:

  1. The Trend of Open Floor Plans

The trend of having closed and private floor plans have become an outdated trend. Architects are now preferring to design the workstations based on open floor plans strategy. These open and large floorplans promote more efficiency and productivity. When we talk about office furniture in Pakistan, the same trend is witnessed!

  1. Making Collaborative Workstations

To promote communication and collaboration among your fellow colleagues, installing collaborative kind of workstations are important for you. On a per desk, 4 to 5 colleagues can easily adjust themselves. Such a collaborative environment induce more buzzing ideas while you are brainstorming on any project.

  1. The Trend of Standing Desks

A healthy office environment can only be promoted upon inducting these standing desks in your workstation. To get office furniture online in Pakistan, you can contact us.

  1. Putting up Whiteboard Walls

It is better to turn your walls into giant whiteboards. You can use them for interaction purpose. Here you will get the details of office furniture prices in Pakistan as well.

  1. Conference Rooms Made of Glass

An open office layout can be maintained if your conference rooms and halls will be made of glass. A glass material induction will make these conference spaces quieter one!

  1. Open and Comfortable Open Lounge Areas

Any workstation should be packed with a comfortable and open lounge area. Happy employees are always included in the category of productive and efficient working employees. When an employee will get exhausted, then he can make his way to a lounge area to get a little rest.

  1. “Greening The Office” On A New Level

One should consider their employees’ health and well-being, that is why in your office, you should put up rooftop gardens, nature-based wall dividers made of bamboo or wood. Induction of nature will make employees more calm, creative and happier, healthier.

  1. Addition of More Textures

The addition of textures gives a playful side to any office. This trend will heighten and enhance the sensory elements of your office room. It will give it a nostalgic home look as well.

  1. Using Pantone Colors

You can use some Pantone color combinations to make your office more vibrant in its looks. A blend and fusion of blues and oranges will keep your office ambiance bright and fresh.

  1. Making Accessibility Improvements

Some of the creative companies have been currently testing and assessing new ways so that accessibility can be improved for the individuals who come with physical impairments. The larger offices are now recognizing and improving the needs of their disabled employees.

  1. Designing Multipurpose Workspaces

These multipurpose spaces can well be utilized for each and everything. Like you can utilize them multimedia presentations or even for casual breakout sessions.

  1. Putting Up Community Tables

Such tables will enhance more interaction during work. These community tables are one of the meaningful objects and represent a symbol of kinship, symbol of an alliance of work environment.

  1. Say No to Permanent Layouts

The trend of flexibility has become a growing trend and people are no more preferring traditional office spaces.

  1. Hide All Wires

Office and workstations should eliminate wires and clutter right from their desktops as well as from their conference rooms. These wires and electronic devices, docking stations and personal items, they can make office rooms to look disorganized.

  1. Making Branded Office Spaces

These branded office spaces have become one of the popular tools so that communication among employees can get further strengthen up. Your office space design should be consistent with your brand values and expectations.

Stay tuned and more office furniture trends will be put up.