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Top Ten Bakra Eid Recipes to Tingle your Taste Buds this Eid ul Adha 2017

Eid Ul Adha Recipes

For all the meat enthusiasts, bbq recipes lovers and devotees of animal protein, it’s time to be happy cause the meatiest festival of the year is just around the corner, yes Eid-ul-Adha is only a couple of weeks away. Being the more holy one of the two Eids, Eid-ul-Adha is a time of great festivity and joy as Hajj is performed on the tenth of Zilhajj and Muslims from all over the world gather at Mecca to relive the holy tradition of sacrifice as they pay homage to Prophet Ibrahim’s will of submission in front of God’s will to sacrifice his son. The meat is then divided into family members, relatives, and the poor and needy. This article contains a list of Eid ul Adha recipes that can be easily prepared at home and will give your taste buds a true taste of the Eid festivity.

1. Badami Seekh Kabab

Nothing says Eid-ul-Adha like a good ol’ backyard bbq party. Eid-ul-Adha is a time of great gala and barbecues can be seen everywhere. Badami Seekh Kabab recipe is fairly new to the menu of Pakistani bbq yet it is gaining popularity at a steady pace. As the name suggests, this recipe combines a seekh kabab with almonds that give it a crumbly chewy twist.

2. Gola Kabab

Gola Kabab recipe is one of the lesser known kabab recipes but nonetheless, it tastes like a piece of heaven in your mouth. This kabab is prepared by rolling some minced meat in the shape of a ball which is then either grilled or roasted over a fire source. Apart from mutton and beef, this kabab can also be prepared with chicken, prawns and fish meat.

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3. Nihari

One of the most beloved dishes of meat lovers of Pakistan is the delectable Nihari. Traditionally eaten as a hearty breakfast, this is a stew style dish that involves slow cooking of meat in bone marrow and spices. Nihari was first said to be prepared with mutton or lamb meat in the Royal kitchens of Awadh back in the 18th century and was a personal favorite of the Mughal Nawab of that time.

4. Pulao

Pulao is basically the most dearly loved Pakistani recipe when we are talking about rice lovers. This recipe dates back thousands of years when the first combinations of meat and rice were prepared. Originally pulao was prepared with buffalo meat but you can make it with beef, chicken or mutton.

5. Hareesa

The modern foodies out there might call Hareesa a step sister of Haleem but they both are different in a number of ways. This thick and savory dish is said to be a Lahori recipe but in fact, it originated in the sandy dunes of Saudi Arabia. It is prepared by lentils, ground meat, rice and broken wheat.

6. Karahi

Karahi is a variety Pakistani recipe that can be found at all kinds of roadside eateries and restaurants all over the country. Karahi is basically a cooking utensil made out of cast iron, and it looks very much similar to the Japanese “wok”. The main purpose of the Karahi is to stir fry meat, vegetables, and spices. The meat prepared in the Karahi is mostly from mutton and beef and is sold by the kilo.

7. Achar Gosht

Achar Gosht, the name says it all, this spicy and tangy recipe is prepared by cooking meat with a special type of “achar” masala that is used for pickling purposes. This special masala contains fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds etc. Achar gosht can be made with chicken and beef alike but if you want the best results then try making it with mutton or lamb meat.

8. Chapli Kabab

From the beautiful mountainous province of KPK, comes the delectable chapli kabab. This uniquely named kabab is famous all over Pakistan and is a common street snack in the country. In Peshawar alone, there are more than 2000 kabab eateries that serve this disc shaped flat kabab. The name reflects its shape that resembles the flat sole of a Peshawari chappal.

9. Beef Stroganoff

This is one of the least known beef recipes that made came all the way from the snowy peaks of the Russia to the hearts of Pakistani beef lovers. Say hello to the beef stroganoff, a recipe that is prepared with sautéed beef strips and served with a special kind of sauce. It is popular mostly among the continental lovers of the country.

10. Biryani

This list would’ve been incomplete without the mention of a colorful, steamy and tasty plate of biryani. it is the most adored dish of the country and eaten with great delight. Mostly it is prepared with chicken and flavored rice but if you want the true taste of the biryani then you should try preparing it with mutton or lamb.

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