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Ultimate Guide to Buy Dell Nootbooks and Prices in Pakistan


Dell Notebooks – The best of the best

Dell Incorporated is one the largest organizations for electronics. They are famous for manufacturing some of the highest selling devices in the world. The company has its basis in America and has a phenomenal presence in a large number of countries. The product portfolio includes personal computers, servers, data storage devices, software and many others.

The most popular range in their collection is that of Dell laptops. These have a wide range of features along having the long range of life present. The residents of Cambodia prefer to buy these devices because they can serve various purposes throughout the day. Shop for all these at Kaymu Cambodia which is your own personalized laptop shop.

The many versions offered by the brand

When we look at Dell Notebooks, there are a number of ranges that you can easily choose from. Each model in their range has its own set of features that you can explore and get the one that suits you the best. One thing to keep in mind when you are online shopping is to know your exact requirements and then match them with the specifications provided.

The Inspiron Range

The highly coveted Inspiron range by the brand is the one that can be used for home and office usage. There are many ones in the series such as the 3000 series, the 5000 series and the 7000 series. Each one has additional features than the previous one. The screen sizes in this range start from 11 inches and rise to 15 inches. If you are a student and want to buy a notebook, then for the 11 to 13 inches size and if you are a professional, then choose the 15 inches one.

The XPS Range

The XPS Range is one of the high functioning and power packed ones. They have the best possible and high quality graphics card present and are the best ones for a number of gamers. They are famous for wholesome gaming experiences along with providing high stability for your device. The models available in the range are the XPS 12, the XPS 13 and the XPS 15. The screen sizes are 12 inches, 13 inches and 15 inches respectively.

The beauty of the XPS 12 is that it can be a laptop one minute and then become a tablet the next moment. It offers you the facility of working and playing at the same time. Also, the screen of the XPS 12 is moveable so you can turn it around anytime along with closing the keypad whenever you want. The XPS 15 has an additional feature that it offers full HD display for all the bright colors that you would love.

Computer Accessories to make your day

For all these models, there are the perfect set of computer accessories available as well. There are laptop bags in various styles for you to store your device in. there are laptop cases and covers to protect it from any harm and various add-ons as well.