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Ultimate Guide to Buy LG kitchen Appliances and Prices in Pakistan


LG kitchen appliances – the finest collection to modernize your cooking area

Electronic devices are not just meant to be placed in bedrooms or offices. Kitchen is also the area that requires the style with the assistance of these electronic and digital devices. Although, kitchen is entirely the cooking area but there are lots of kitchen appliances that can save your time and are also very less expensive.

LG is the well-recognized name of a brand which is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Manufactured in 1958, this association now develops numerous telecom equipment, home appliances and consumer electronics. It has nearly 119 local subsidiaries with approximately 83,000 working employees. The primary merchandises include washing machines, smartphones, small appliances, computer monitors, home theatre systems and televisions.

Howprices – the buying and price guide platform in Pakistan

For acquiring the kitchen equipment of various sizes at home, it is best to contact the online platform that not only guarantees the quality of the product but it also safely delivers every bit of the product to the customer’s location. Howprices is the online buying and pricing guide in Pakistan that remains in-contact with the buyer to assure the safe and sound delivery of the electronic product and accepts the payment via cash on delivery approach.

Kitchen equipment offered by LG

LG manufactures sundry wares that are not only beneficial for the ordinary user but is also durable. Illustrated below are few names of LG products which can surely groom your kitchen.


Those hectic days are gone when a lady has to wash all the dirty dishes with hands and washing bar. Now, LG has created the dishwashers which is a useful mechanical equipment to wash the utensils. It doesn’t require any manual scrubbing but instead it sprays hot water on the dishes and the pump circulates the mixture of water and detergent.

Microwave ovens

LG has many cooking appliances like convection microwave ovens, grill microwave oven, solo microwave ovens and gas cookers. Food is heated by directly exposing it to microwave radiation. The timers and heat intensity setters allow the users to configure the settings according to the requirements.


A refrigerator comprises of a container which is insulated and the heat pump is there to transfer heat from inner side to the outside environment. LG designs door-in-door, French and multi door, side-by-side, one door, top freezers and bottom freezers.

Best guide to purchase the best appliance for your kitchen

Although each and every creation of LG depicts perfection but you have to plan proper strategy to buy the perfect ware for your kitchen.

First assure the purpose

Understanding the purpose of usage is important. You cannot avail a refrigerator when you actually require a cooking appliance.

Carefully examine the product details

Online marketplaces like Howprices gives the clear insight of what they are selling and what are the original qualities of the product. Just carefully observe the details like dimensions and color which are apt for your cooking place.

Compare your budget with product’s price

Think either you need an original piece or second hand appliances. This decision should be according to your budget.