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Ultimate Guide to Buy Unstitched Clothes Online at Best Prices in Pakistan


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With different cultures in world come different styles in dressing up. Every country has their own national dress which people mostly wear there.  These clothes are designed keeping in mind the weather and availability of the fabric in that country. Scottish men wear kilts that are made out from thick tweed material. This keeps them warm in the cold weather.  Indian women dress cotton saris which allow them to cool off in hot summers. Cotton is a pure all season fabric that grows on land. It is used in baby clothing as it is does not cause any skin irritation or rash. One can also choose fabrics according to the season of the year. Many prefer to wear wool in the winters while chiffons and nets are more of a summer time fabric.

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There are many types of fabrics available in the market today. Each fabric has its own distinct weave and purpose. From car seats, jumping castles to shoe laces and screen protectors everything we sit on, touch or use is made from a certain type of fabrics. Some fabrics are provided to us by nature whilst others are manmade. Generally speaking pure natural fabrics are more luxe and popularly worn as clothing. Manmade fabric may not feel as rich but they are much cheaper and affordable than natural fabrics. The silk is a luxury fabric known for its luster. The silk is a popular Asian fabric that is imported from India and China to the rest of the world.  Silk is fashioned into gowns and dress and is worn on special formal occasion by mostly women.  Linen is another fabric that is skin friendly and is used in women’s clothing. Unlike the silk the linen material is easy to maintain and can be used for every day clothes.As you can wear linen repeatedly after multiple washes.

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Laminated fabric is a ground breaking technology through which you can protect the original fabric from dust, water or glaze. Fabric lamination is done by layering a thin transparent fabric film over the original fabric. This acts as a screen against possible damage to the fabric. Almost all bags and shoes use laminated fabric. This durable fabric is commonly used on lounge sofas which are more prone to get stained or damaged.  A laminated fabric is available in gloss as well as matte finish. Flame resistant fabric is used to make both apparel as well as home furnishing.  Many official uniforms such as that of fire fighters are made from this fabric as it does not catch fire easily. People also make curtains out of this fabric as it is known to absorb maximum amount of heat and avoid fire casualties. One would think that such a fabric would be heavy or awkward to wear but such is not the case. This fabric is designed after long research to make it apparel – friendly. You can buy all types of unstitched fabrics available at HowpricesKaymuDaraz and Yayvo