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What is Sexual Health? How can we improve it.

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Many people do not understand what is meant by sexual health in Pakistan. A brief description would be; a condition of physical, mental and social well-being in respect to ones sexuality status. It pertains to having a sexual relationship that is free of forcefulness, intimidation, coercion, respect and not forgetting safe and pleasurable to both parties. It should be a mutual understanding between the parties involved. It can be a sensitive topic to discuss between parties as many people prefer to stay away from the topic. But to have a positive sexual relationship there must be communication and the parties must practice safe sexual practices. When all this aspects are followed then there will be a positive sexual health.

Communication plays a vital role when it comes to sexual health. The parties involved must form a habit of always communicating about their feelings and express themselves freely without any hidden mind. The parties must develop skills that will enable them to ask the right questions at the right time, and express their true feelings about what they want and what they do not want. During our lifetime, there comes a time in our lives that we become victims of sexual abuse. We may be targeted by our friends, strangers or even some relatives. When this happens, we should not succumb ourselves to the people trying to do that to us, instead we should stay strong and don’t end up to be another victim of this inhuman acts. Sexual abuse in Pakistan may come in different forms; this might be physical, emotional and even financial form. The types of people who can exploit us include our own parents, friends, media or even our teachers in school.  To shield ourselves from such situations, we need to assess every situation that is happening around us either at home, in the school or even at the work place. Once you are aware that there is a possibility of such kind of a thing happening, and then you need to avoid such persons or areas as much as possible. You should also stay positive and take every advice provided positively if you are sexually abused. Do not hide under shame instead be open so that such a thing does not happen again to any other person.

If you are a sexually active person, then you also need to know how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. This is another key element in the promotion of sexual health. Take precautions that would not land you into getting STD’s, unwanted pregnancies or even having premature sex. Very few people know much about sex, they take it for granted and they get involved in it without even knowing the effects when it is mishandled. It is advisable that we seek professional help from chancellors before engaging in such activities. This can really help us a lot in knowing our well-being and if we are ready for such an engagement. Stay safe and take precautionary measures, don’t be a victim of sex abuse. Learn how to be out of trouble or people who can harm you either physically or emotionally.